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token: Add file_size_limit #316

stevestreza opened this Issue Mar 16, 2013 · 7 comments

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The token endpoint returns a bunch of useful information about what that token can do. It includes a storage field with the available and used storage amounts. A field representing what the file size limit would be useful, as the two tiers have different limits, and that gives forward-looking flexibility in terms of changing those limits. Also it'll get more apps using the data in that endpoint, which is probably good.


I think that it’ll make more sense to have this as something like limits.file_size, then we can also get limits.following (to make a nicer UX when a free-tier has hit their max followers) and any other limits that may be added in the future.

lavoy commented Mar 16, 2013

+1 for this

mlv commented Mar 17, 2013

I like this idea too -- a general get my limits endpoint, authenticated to the user. Can initially contain the current free user limits, and add more as needed.



joeldev commented Mar 26, 2013

Really need this - having to hardcode these limits and use the correct one based on what type of user account it is (inferred from how much total storage space there is), sucks. :)

tternes commented Mar 26, 2013

The comment from @simonwelsh is great - a general limits object for other account limitations is probably in order here.

@mthurman member

I haven't rolled out documentation for this yet, but there is now a limits object when you request /stream/0/token. It contains max_file_size in bytes and possibly following if there is a limit to how many users this person can follow. Please make sure your app still handles HTTP 507s when a user exceeds their quota (especially in the follow case).

@mthurman mthurman added a commit that referenced this issue Mar 29, 2013
@mthurman mthurman Cleanup docs. Closes #324 #316 feba30a
@orianmarx orianmarx closed this Mar 29, 2013
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