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Patter Room Settings


Patter rooms are of type and should always include this settings annotation to provide additional information about the room and how it should be displayed.


          "name":"Welcome to Patter",
          "blurb":"A room for new users. Feel free to ask questions and try things out.",


Field Required? Type Description
name Required string User-facing name for the room. Need not be unique.
blurb Optional string User description of the room.
categories Optional list of strings Zero or more identifiers categorizing the room (see below).
blurb_id Optional string Message id of channel invite to the room.


The blurb, categories, and blurb_id fields are mostly used when a user wishes to invite others to the room. A publicly-promoted room should have both a blurb and a blurb_id.

The blurb_id indicates a message posted to channel 1614. When a user wishes to remove their channel from promotion, that message should be removed and the blurb, categories, and blurb_id fields should be removed from the channel annotation.

categories is a list of identifiers. The following identifiers are recognized by 'fun', 'lifestyle', 'profession', 'language', 'community', 'tech', 'event'. If a channel does not have a recognized category, it should be listed as a 'general' room.


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