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Build Status

Girffith is the internal name for the appendTo implementation of Telescope. There is information in the Telescope section below on what the app is and some basic install info. This repo will be used for alterations to the application for our use.


In order to allow for updates from the source repository the master branch of this fork should be kept completely clean from any changes necessary for the appendTo implementation. Instead, any changes should be merged into the a2-build branch (from a feature or bug fix branch perhaps). If any code is intended to be submitted back to the source repository then it should be kept in a branch and submitted (via PR) to the Telelscope project.

Feature and Bug Development

When a new feature begins development - or a bug fix is being worked on - create a new branch off of a2-build with a semantic name that is prefixed with a2- to distinguish them from branches pulled in from the source repository.

For example, if you were working on the Google authentication piece you might create an a2-google-auth branch off of a2-build. When complete, a PR should be opened merging that feature branch back into a2-build. However, a2-build should never be merged back into master.

When changes occur in the source repository, those changes will be fetched into the a2 fork's master branch, then merged down into the a2-build branch, tested, and deployed.


This project is deployed on an a2 server manually (right now).


If you would like to contribute to the appendTo implementation please contact Ryan Conaway (and you can join the #griffith Slack channel).

Also, please make sure you adhere to the branching strategy above!


  • Ryan Conaway
  • Trevan Hetzel
  • Aaron Bushnell
  • Jordan Kasper


Telescope is an open-source, real-time social news site built with Meteor

Note: Telescope is beta software. Most of it should work but it's still a little unpolished and you'll probably find some bugs. Use at your own risk :)

Learn More



  • Real-time (of course!)
  • Password-based and/or Twitter auth
  • Notifications
  • Mobile-ready & responsive
  • Invite-only access for reading and/or posting
  • Markdown support
  • Day by day view


  • Install Meteor
  • Install Meteorite
  • Download or clone Telescope into /some/path
  • cd /some/path
  • Run mrt

Developing on Nitrous.IO

Start hacking on this app on Nitrous.IO in seconds:

Hack TelescopeJS/Telescope on Nitrous.IO

Hosting Telescope

I recommend using either Meteor's own free hosting service, or checking out Modulus.

First Run

  • Fill in your Twitter keys (by clicking on "Sign Up/Sign in" in your Telescope top bar)
  • The first user account created will automatically be made admin
  • Check out the settings page and fill out basic things like the site's name

Local Variables

Meteor uses local environment variables for a few things, such as configuring email. While some platforms (like Modulus) make it easy to configure them from their web dashboard, on a local dev environment the best way is to set up an alias for the mrt command. For example, to configure Meteor to use Mailgun for email, in your .bash_profile file just add: alias m='MAIL_URL=smtp:// mrt'

This can also be useful for starting Meteor on a specific port: alias m4='MAIL_URL=smtp:// mrt --port 4000'