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# $Id: README.txt,v 1.7 2010/02/28 17:05:50 mhostetler Exp $

appendTo Drupal Development Environment

This repository is designed to make it easy to develop a Drupal instance
for use within the appendTo Drupal Deployment system.  The build system 
is based on the PHP based build system called Phing (

To learn more, clone this project and run:

$ phing -f build.xml


To Install:

1. Before you start, be sure to have the following information:
  a. Your mysql superuser password
  b. A web accessible directory where you can view your Drupal site

2. Clone the development repository for the site built on appendTo Drupal
   into a local development directory.

3. Edit the file, adding the desired names for your 
   Drupal instance, database, make file name, etc.

4. Run the following:
  `phing build.standalone`

5. Answer the prompts for your MySQL super user password.

6. When the build script has finished, visit your new site!