Remove jquery script registration from juice library #36

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Today as it is, juice registers jquery in

In VS2012, all the webforms templates demonstrate registering jquery through AspNet.ScriptManager.jQuery package. This package makes it easier to register and update jquery scripts.
If you install juice in such projects then the user experience is broken since juice updates the jquery reference to a fixed version which is not present in the project

Juice library should be updated to remove the jquery dependancy from code and take a dependancy on this package


(just adding the comment for posterity) While I'm not an active maintainer of Juice any longer, I'm not sure I agree with this. The jQuery NuGet package hasn't been individually deprecated, and going the route that the code is already using provides more granularity. There's no clear benefit of using this over the jQuery NuGet package other than that a user might prefer it. I find the AspNet.ScriptManager.jQuery package to be fairly unnecessary as it ships with an assembly (AspNet.ScriptManager.jQuery.dll) which essentially performs the same function as the code already in Juice.

Rather than saying Juice should outright use AspNet.ScriptManager.jQuery, I'd say it'd be more prudent to allow for a switch given the broken behavior.

@rustd I'd also recommend looking at the source for Juice to see how the reference is being used. You can override the version set in that reference within your own project to prevent the error you're reporting. Sorry your issue took so long to get a reply. Ping the folks at @appendto ( who currently maintain it.

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