Change Log

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  • Move to npm registry
  • Support all cordova versions


  • Update to iOS sdk v7.3.5


  • Remove demo folder, which was needlessly increasing plugin size
  • Update to iOS sdk v7.3.1
  • Support for cordova >= 4.0.0
  • Support for cordova < 4.0.0
  • Update Google Play Services (externally located)
  • Remove unused dependencies


  • Set maximum cordova version supported to < 4.0.0


  • Ionic, Angular.js: Add support for Angular.js based apps, for example Ionic.


  • Connectivity detection: When a new connection to WiFi or 3G/GPRS is detected, the ads are automatically shown if you asked to show them before and there was no connection.

  • Integration with tappx: the developers community that exchanges advertisement to promote their apps. You can advertise your app for FREE. You can decide how much inventory you divert to Tappx.

  • Back-filling: your lost inventory is delivered to tappx (you must have a free account).


  • Google Libraries externalitzation: The libraries are fetched from external repository, to help it keeping updated.

  • Intel XDK: Added support to Intel XDK platform and uploaded examples on how to integrate it.