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Records the purchase status and conversion events for a play billing purchase.

admob.recordPlayBillingResolution(purchaseId, billingResponseCode, success, fail);
  • purchaseId: The id of the purchase (you will get it when event is called).
  • billingResponseCode: The result of a play billing purchase. The value can be any billing response code from:
    • admob.PURCHASE_RESOLUTION.RESOLUTION_CANCELED: A resolution indicating the purchase was canceled.
    • admob.PURCHASE_RESOLUTION.RESOLUTION_FAILURE: A resolution indicating the purchase failed.
    • admob.PURCHASE_RESOLUTION.RESOLUTION_INVALID_PRODUCT: A resolution indicating the product is invalid.
    • admob.PURCHASE_RESOLUTION.RESOLUTION_SUCCESS: A resolution indicating the purchase was successful.
  • success: success callback.
  • failure: failure callback.