Demo project for PhoneGap Build with AdmobAds
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This is the demo project for Phonegap Build AdMob plugin.


  • Go to your Phonegap Build platform and log-in
  • Go to Apps and click on + new app
  • Paste the following url into find existing repo / paste .git repo:
  • Click on Pull from .git repository
  • Click on Ready to build button
  • It will fail for ios (as your own keys are required) but will success for Android

To build iOS app, you should create your own app id and the associated keys. To do so, fork this project and change the id in config.xml. In order to avoid collision, we suggest you to be creative and place your company name in between:

<widget id="com.mypreferredname.admob.test" ...

You can also click here or scan this QR from your device to install it (only Android):