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I'm running debian unstable. I did a git clone git:// in ~/software/ then hunted around for a bit for build instructions.

Not fining any (and knowing that ruby is an interpreted language) I tried going to my website directory and doing ~/software/af/bin/af login but that just printed a single newline and then quickly exited with zero exit code. Seems to have done nothing (didn't modify the current directory, or create anything in ~/.)

Is something wrong?

Or do I have to do something to build/install af before using it? If so please add instructions to or add or something.

Thank you. - Jason

Update: I've discovered that:

  • ~/software/af/bin/af help does work (prints lots of help)

And the following just print a blank line and exit:

  • ~/software/af/bin/af target
  • ~/software/af/bin/af target
  • ~/software/af/bin/af target
  • ~/software/af/bin/af targets
  • ~/software/af/bin/af login
  • ~/software/af/bin/af push

I ran strace ~/software/af/bin/af manifest and found that it was failing to load rest_client, so I installed that. And now it's giving me error messages about missing dependencies that aren't in debian unstable... awesome.

I applaud you for releasing the source to this utility, but relying on bleeding edge versions of libraries that aren't in the major distros yet is bad form.

The security implications of rubyjems are horrifying.

Please at least document how you build this utility.

Hi Jason,

Thank you for your feedback! We do not yet support installing af on Debian using apt-get. After cloning af, you should run bundle install to fetch the dependencies (assuming you have Bundler installed.) I updated the README at and am working to incorporate this into af and our documentation at

Beauty! Thank you.

Glad I could help!

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