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When I run af manifest I get an incorrect manifest.yml file.

Sample run:

$ af manifest
Configure for which application? [.]: .
Detected a Python Django Application, is this correct? [Yn]: 
1: AWS US East - Virginia
2: AWS EU West - Ireland
3: AWS Asia SE - Singapore
4: HP AZ 2 - Las Vegas
Select Infrastructure: 2
Application Deployed URL []: 
Memory reservation (128M, 256M, 512M, 1G, 2G) [128M]: 
How many instances? [1]: 
Bind existing services to 'lektieproblemer'? [yN]: y
1: lektieproblemer-mysql-19350
Which one?: 1
Create services to bind to 'lektieproblemer'? [yN]: 
Configure for another application? [yN]: 
Manifest written to manifest.yml.

Writes the following manifest.yml:

name: lektieproblemer
      name: django
        mem: 128M
        description: Python Django Application
    infra: eu-aws
    url: ${name}.${target-base}
    mem: 128M
    instances: 1
        type: mysql

Which, to my understanding, is not correct.
Running af update will not work, for example:

$ af update
Updating application ''...
can't convert Symbol into Integer
[stacktrace omitted]
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If you still have any issues, please submit a ticket to Thanks

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