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AppHarbor CLI

The AppHarbor CLI is used to manage AppHarbor applications from the command line.

For more about AppHarbor see


The CLI is known to work on Windows. Download and run the installer to get started.

Once installed, you can log in to create and administer AppHarbor applications. Use the -h switch to get more information about each command and any options available.

Example usage: appharbor deploy -e bin -e obj

This will deploy the application using the optional "excluded directory name" argument to avoid uploading compiled binaries. Also note the use of a command "alias". Aliases are enclosed in paranthesis in the list of available commands.

$ appharbor login
Username: friism
Password: ***************
Successfully logged in as friism

$ appharbor
Usage: appharbor COMMAND [command-options]

Available commands:

  app                         #  List your applications
  app create [name]           #  Create an application ("create")
  app delete                  #  Delete application
  app deploy                  #  Deploy current directory ("deploy")
  app info                    #  Get application details
  app link [slug]             #  Link directory to an application ("link")
  app log                     #  Get application log ("log")
  app open                    #  Open application on ("open")
  app unlink                  #  Unlink application from directory ("unlink")
  build                       #  List latest builds
  config add [key=value]      #  Add configuration variable to application
  config                      #  List all configuration variables
  config remove [key1 key2..] #  Remove configuration variable
  drain add [drain_url]       #  Add a log drain
  drain                       #  Show log drains and tokens
  drain remove [drain url]    #  Remove a log drain
  help                        #  Display help summary
  hostname add [hostname]     #  Add a hostname
  hostname                    #  List all associated hostnames
  hostname remove [hostname]  #  Remove hostname from application
  user login                  #  Login to AppHarbor ("login")
  user logout                 #  Logout of AppHarbor ("logout")
  user                        #  Show currently logged in user

Common options:
  -h, --help                  #  Show command help


If you use the CLI a lot you might want to create an alias for the appharbor executable. You can do this with a simple batch file called "ah.bat" in the CLI install directory. The file should have this content:

appharbor %*

After this you can simply call the commands with for instance ah config.


The CLI uses the AppHarbor API, documentation can be found here: