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Installing Linux Mint
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Ark extract 1.png
Ark extract 2.png
Bracket extension installer.png
Brackets export.png
Brackets import.png
Desktop Operating System Market Share August 2013.png
Desktop Operating System Market Share August 2017.png
Desktop Operating System Market Share September 2015.png
Latte Dock download.png
MS Eula - left shift and enter to agree.png
MS fonts EULA - right shift and enter to OK.png
Signal - link to phone.png
Signal Home.png
change the default name in profile.png
chmod 777 usr share.png
copy thunderbird to usr share.png
create git-it_desktop script.png
discover docks.png
double click on hidden thunderbird folder.png
extensions website 2.png
extensions website 3.png
extensions website 4.png
extensions website 5.png
extensions website 6.png
firefox about support.png
firefox backup bookmarks.jpg
firefox profile folder.png
gloabl shortcut key setup.png
global shortcut 1.png
gparted Apply the change 5.png
gparted before changing label 1.png
gparted choose correct hard disk 2.png
gparted choose correct partition 3.png
gparted re-label filesystem.png
gparted unmount 4.png
gufw no rules.png
gufw no rules2.png
gufw rules.png
konsole edit theme 1b.png
konsole edit theme 2b.png
latte dock.png
lo - tools- extension manager - click add - select for example dict-en-20180301_oxt from Dowloads - click add - and restart .png
lo - tools- extension manager - click add.png
random labeled.png
set langauge to correct dictionary 2 - LO tools - options- langauges.png
setting notifications --- about:preferences#privacy --- permissions -- notifications --- settings -- block new requests.png
setting notifications --- about:preferences#privacy --- permissions -- notifications --- settings.png
setting notifications --- about:preferences#privacy --- permissions -- notifications.png
setting notifications --- about:preferences#privacy.png
sync-settings Atom.png
thunderbird download.png
thunderbird extract with Ark 1.png
thunderbird logo.png
thunderbird save.png
thunderbird terminal install.png
turn hiddenfiles on 1.png
yakuake adjust width height and position.png
yakuake configure 1.png
yakuake edit profile 1b.png
yakuake edit profile 2b.png

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