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Create a user interface and appropriate Apex code components to allow users to schedule delivery of SFDC Report output in Excel format. The project should provide similar capabilities to the out-of-the-box Report Scheduling features.
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Challenge Requirements

Report Selection - User should be able to open the “Schedule Excel Report” page and select from a list of available Reports

Recipient(s) - User should be able to define a list of Users and optional email addresses, comma separated.

Schedule Frequency

Day of the Week - Ability to choose specific days of the week to send report

Start Date / End Date - Required to choose a range of dates that the scheduled job will be eligible for.

Time of Day - User should be able to select a time of day that the job should execute.

Email Template - to facilitate ease of customization, a default Email Template should be created as part of this project. The contents should be similar to the out-of-the-box SFDC scheduled report email format. The existence of this Template should be required upon save of the Schedule Excel Report record. 

The recipient of the email does not have to be a SFDC user. 

List View - User should have a list-view interface for viewing existing 

Scheduled Excel Report records. Include a status/message field for tracking an execution error messages. 

Include capabilities to start/stop future Scheduled Excel Report jobs. 

Upon execution, the apex code should execute the report, create a new Email message and attach the report output to the email as an Excel attachment.
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