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# This file should contain all the record creation needed to seed the database with its default values.
# The data can then be loaded with the rake db:seed (or created alongside the db with db:setup).
# Examples:
# cities = City.create([{ name: 'Chicago' }, { name: 'Copenhagen' }])
# Mayor.create(name: 'Emanuel', city: cities.first)
Term.create!(:name => 'Standard Terms & Conditions', :description => 'Standard Terms and Conditions. See')
Term.create!(:name => 'Terms and Conditions 2.0', :description => 'The version 2 of our terms. More text to come.')
Term.create!(:name => '', :description => ' specific terms for their challenges.')
Term.create!(:name => 'SFDC Hackathon', :description => 'The terms for the 2011 SFDC Hackathon.')
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