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bootstrap server for windows phone 8

How does it work

The server drives the windows phone 8 device using the officially supported coded ui test framework which Microsoft ships with Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate and Premium editions

Current Technique

  • the console application receives a JSON wire command and executes it (if it can be done using the SmartDevice DLLs or passes it on the bootstrap if it needs to do so)
  • commands passed to the bootstrap are built into a DLL
  • DLLs are executed using vstest.console.exe and the results are sent back

Why this craziness?

  • Much like iOS UIAutomation, Coded UI Test for Windows Phone is heavily sandboxed. Unlike the Windows version, data-driven tests must be coded inline and not in a separate file.

Future Improvements

  • Change the string value of the command in the DLL using a framework like(reduces build-time between commands)
  • Use the command-line debugger to allow a looping bootstrap, loop by settings a breakpoint and injecting the command by changing the value using the debugger each time one is received