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Unlock with UIAutomation (New)

In Android 6+ devices and Emulators 2.0 Appium is failing to unlock those devices correctly using the Unlock Helper App making tests to fail since the Browser or Apps may not start. For those cases, we came up with a solution, unlocking the devices with UIAutomation by adding new capabilities that would let you press on pins, draw patterns or send a password depending on which lock you defined for your device.

Using the unlock with UIAutomation capabilities:

  "unlockType": "pin",
  "unlockKey": "1111"

In case the unlockType capability is not defined, Appium will continue working as it is using the Unlock Helper App, this new capabilities are optionals.


  • unlockType: ['pin', 'password', 'pattern', 'fingerprint']

fingerprint unlock only works for Android 6+ emulators


Lets say you have a device that is locked with a pattern as the image below and you want to run a test over that device.

We treat the pattern pins as the numbers of a phone dial. So in this case the unlockKey would be 729854163

And the capabilities would be:

  "unlockType": "pattern",
  "unlockKey": "729854163"