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A GUI inspector for mobile apps and more, powered by a (separately installed) Appium server


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GUI Inspector tool for all kinds of apps, powered by Appium.

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Appium Inspector is a GUI assistant tool for Appium, providing visual inspection of the application under test. It can show the application page screenshot along with its page source, and includes various features for interacting with the app.

When inspecting a mobile app, the Inspector looks like this:

Appium Inspector screenshot


Appium Inspector is released in two formats:

  1. Standalone desktop application for macOS, Windows, and Linux - download it from the Releases section
  2. Web application - (note that CORS must be enabled in order to connect to an Appium server)

Check the System Requirements and Installation documentation for more details.


The Inspector has many features in addition to its app inspection abilities:

  • Specify the Appium server details
  • Interact with the app screenshot
  • Search for elements and interact with them
  • Run Appium driver commands
  • and more...

Check the Features documentation for a more comprehensive list!

Cloud Platforms

The Inspector has built-in integrations with various cloud service provider platforms:

SauceLabs HeadSpin BrowserStack LambdaTest
TestingBot ExperiTest RobotQA Remote TestKit
BitBar Kobiton Perfecto Pcloudy


We may remove cloud providers if they no longer work properly with this inspector, as there is no compatibility.

Reporting Issues

If you run into a problem, first check whether you can reproduce it without the Inspector, by using a different Appium client.


Want to help us develop this app? Awesome! Please check the Contributing documentation for details.


Localization for the Inspector is provided by Crowdin. If you would like to help translate this app, please check the Localization section of the Contributing documentation.

Version Schema

The Inspector's version schema is <RELEASE_YEAR>.<RELEASE_MONTH_NUM>.<RELEASE_COUNT_FOR_MONTH>. For example, the first release in the month of April in the year 2022 would be 2022.4.1, and the 10th in that month would be 2022.4.10.