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📱 Automation for iOS, Android, and Windows Apps.
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Appium is an open source, cross-platform test automation tool for native, hybrid and mobile web and desktop apps. We support simulators (iOS), emulators (Android), and real devices (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac).

Want to skip straight to the action? Check out our getting started doc.

Supported Platforms

Appium supports app automation across a variety of platforms, like iOS, Android, and Windows. Each platform is supported by one or more "drivers", which know how to automate that particular platform. Choose a driver below for specific information about how that driver works and how to set it up:

Why Appium?

  1. You don't have to recompile your app or modify it in any way, due to use of standard automation APIs on all platforms.
  2. You can write tests with your favorite dev tools using any WebDriver-compatible language such as Java, Objective-C, JavaScript (Node), PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, Clojure, or Perl with the Selenium WebDriver API and language-specific client libraries.
  3. You can use any testing framework.
  4. Appium has built-in mobile web and hybrid app support. Within the same script you can switch seamlessly between native app automation and webview automation, all using the WebDriver model that's already the standard for web automation.

Investing in the WebDriver protocol means you are betting on a single, free and open protocol for testing that has become a web standard. Don't lock yourself into a proprietary stack.

For example, if you use Apple's XCUITest library without Appium you can only write tests using Obj-C/Swift, and you can only run tests through Xcode. Similarly, with Google's UiAutomator or Espresso you can only write tests in Java. Appium opens up the possibility of true cross-platform native app automation, for mobile and beyond. Finally!

If you're new to Appium, or want a more comprehensive description of what this is all about, please read our Introduction to Appium Concepts.


Your environment needs to be set up for the particular platforms that you want to run tests on. Each of the drivers above documents the requirements for their particular brand of automation. At a minimum, you will need to be able to run Node.js 6+.

Get Started

Check out our Getting Started guide to get going with Appium.

There is also sample code that contains many examples of tests in a variety of different languages!


For prettily-rendered docs, please visit You can always find the full list of Appium doc pages at Appium's GitHub Repo as well.


Please take a look at our contribution documentation for instructions on how to build, test and run Appium from source.


Interested in where Appium is heading in the future? Check out the Roadmap

Project History, Credits & Inspiration

User Forums

Announcements and debates often take place on the Discussion Group, be sure to sign up!


We put together a troubleshooting guide. Please have a look here first if you run into any problems. It contains instructions for checking a lot of common errors and how to get in touch with the community if you're stumped.


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