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|`processArguments`|Process arguments and environment which will be sent to the WebDriverAgent server.|`{ args: ["a", "b", "c"] , env: { "a": "b", "c": "d" } }` or `'{"args": ["a", "b", "c"], "env": { "a": "b", "c": "d" }}'`|
|`wdaLocalPort`|This value if specified, will be used to forward traffic from Mac host to real ios devices over USB. Default value is same as port number used by WDA on device.|e.g., `8100`|
|`showXcodeLog`|Whether to display the output of the Xcode command used to run the tests. If this is `true`, there will be **lots** of extra logging at startup. Defaults to `false`|e.g., `true`|
-|`realDeviceLogger`|Device logger for real devices. It could be path to `deviceconsole` (installed with `npm install deviceconsole`, a compiled binary named `deviceconsole` will be added to `./node_modules/deviceconsole/`) or `idevicesyslog` (comes with libimobiledevice). Defaults to `idevicesyslog`|`idevicesyslog`, `/abs/path/to/deviceconsole`|
|`iosInstallPause`|Time in milliseconds to pause between installing the application and starting WebDriverAgent on the device. Used particularly for larger applications. Defaults to `0`|e.g., `8000`|
|`xcodeConfigFile`|Full path to an optional Xcode configuration file that specifies the code signing identity and team for running the WebDriverAgent on the real device.|e.g., `/path/to/myconfig.xcconfig`|
|`keychainPath`|Full path to the private development key exported from the system keychain. Used in conjunction with `keychainPassword` when testing on real devices.|e.g., `/path/to/MyPrivateKey.p12`|
|`keychainPassword`|Password for unlocking keychain specified in `keychainPath`.|e.g., `super awesome password`|
|`scaleFactor`|Simulator scale factor. This is useful to have if the default resolution of simulated device is greater than the actual display resolution. So you can scale the simulator to see the whole device screen without scrolling. |Acceptable values are: `'1.0', '0.75', '0.5', '0.33' and '0.25'`. The value should be a string.|
|`preventWDAAttachments`|Sets read only permissons to Attachments subfolder of WebDriverAgent root inside Xcode's DerivedData. This is necessary to prevent XCTest framework from creating tons of unnecessary screenshots and logs, which are impossible to shutdown using programming interfaces provided by Apple.|Setting the capability to `true` will set Posix permissions of the folder to `555` and `false` will reset them back to `755`|
|`webDriverAgentUrl`|If provided, Appium will connect to an existing WebDriverAgent instance at this URL instead of starting a new one.|e.g., `http://localhost:8100`|
+|`useNewWDA`|If `true`, forces uninstall of any existing WebDriverAgent app on device. This can provide stability in some situations. Defaults to `false`.|e.g., `true`|
+|`wdaLaunchTimeout`|Time, in ms, to wait for WebDriverAgewnt to be pingable. Defaults to 60000ms.|e.g., `30000`|
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