[BUG] iOS Appium “ dragfromtoforduration” function failed , while calling this in webdrvieragent(facebook) works well #7672

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when i write test for iOS Appium using “ dragfromtoforduration” function
it doesn‘t work
I check the server log of appium, it wronglly changes the “toY” and “toX” to call wda
client send fromX,fromY(160,85.2) endX,endY(160,511.2)

but appium changes the value of endX,endY to (320, 596.4)
thus that my test fail !!!!!!!!


At the same time,i using this command to test wda, it works well

curl -X POST -d '{"fromX": "160", "fromY": "85.2", "toX":"160", "toY":"511.2" ,"duration":"0.8"}' 'http://localhost:8100/session/7EFFFFB1-CA11-48B2-A91D-03B9F62EE251/uiaTarget/0/dragfromtoforduration'

hope appium fix that, thanks a lot

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mykola-mokhnach commented Jan 10, 2017 edited

Can you paste your code snipped for appium client? Maybe, TouchAction interface just calculates coordinates differently from what you expect?


In appium client , my code is
it‘s nothing wrong with TouchAction interface 。

you can see the appium server log。
MSJSONWP prints the right fromX,fromY 、endX,endY
JSONWP Proxy changes the value endX,endY

I think problem is in JSONWP Proxy,can you help me?


Just be kind to provide what I've asked. I won't be able help without the log and full code snippet.


appium client
def swipe(self, start_x, start_y, end_x, end_y, duration=None)
this function input arguments here declared is end_x and end_y (not offset_x, not offset_y)

however, in appium server, it changes my arguments end_x , end_y
it is end_x, end_y, not offset x, offset y, ok?
Obviously, it's bug of appium ( appium client code did not change for a long time)




yes, this might be documentation issue. These values should be calculated as relative offsets to the recent touch point. You 're welcome to push a fix for that.


thank you so much
I am looking forward to see the code after you fix that, plesae comment back after you fix ok
thank you so much again

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