@jlipps jlipps released this Dec 12, 2016 · 486 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Fix issue where we might try and uninstall an ssl cert from a real device
    where this isn't sensible
  • Fix another issue with acceptSslCerts where it might potentially miss the
    correct sim UDID

iOS - XCUITest

  • Upgrade version of WebDriverAgent used. Includes following updates:
    • Improve xpath query performance
    • Verify predicates
    • Fix crash for some xpath selectors
  • Decorate proxied getSession response with Appium's capabilities (fixes
    issues with clients that call getSession to determine server capabilities
    and are confused by WDA's non-standard response) (#7480)
  • Fix issue with starting XCUITests on a real device, due to changes in WDA
    that invalidated our startup detection logic. (#7313)
  • Allow connecting to an already-running WebDriverAgent through the
    webDriverAgentUrl capability, rather than starting our own


  • Fix bug where we would attempt to get target SDK version from manifests
    even when they might not include it. (#7353)
  • Actually pass the acceptSslCerts capability to the underlying automation
    so that it can have an effect (#7326)
  • Updated permission granting logic to speed up permission granting by doing
    it in bulk rather than one at a time (#7493)
  • Hide the new permission granting logic behind an autoGrantPermissions
    capability which doesn't attempt to grant permissions unless it's true

Android - Uiautomator2

  • Add ability to verify TOAST messages (these can't be interacted with, only
    text retrieval allowed)


  • Actually upgrade WinAppDriver to 0.7 (#7445). Includes following updates:
    • Click on arbitrary elements
    • Support for sendKeys modifiers
    • Various bugfixes
    • Added GET /orientation
    • Added support for WPF apps