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Appium Ruby Console Gem VersionDependency Status

How to use

Read the bootcamp guide on the ruby console.

Update system

Paste the following into Terminal. If you're not using RVM, you may have to prefix gem commands with sudo.

gem update --system ;\
gem update bundler

Pry commands

Pry commands are prefixed with %. For example %reset invokes Pry's reset command. To use the ruby_lib reset, it's reset

Install / Upgrade Ruby Console

gem uninstall -aIx appium_lib ;\
gem uninstall -aIx appium_console ;\
gem install --no-rdoc --no-ri appium_console bond

The bond gem is necessary for proper auto complete. Installing it will fix this error NameError: uninitialized constant Pry::BondCompleter::Bond

If appium_console is already installed, run arc upgrade to automatically update.


You should uninstall the ap gem because it breaks awesome_print.

gem uninstall -aIx ap


The arc command starts Appium Ruby Console.

  • arc version prints the current version of appium console and appium lib.
  • arc upgrade upgrades appium_console and appium_lib.
  • arc setup android creates appium.txt for android in the current working dir.
  • arc setup ios creates appium.txt for ios in the current working dir.


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