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Helper methods for writing cross platform (iOS, Android) tests in Ruby using Appium. Note that user waits should not exceed 120 seconds if they're going to run on Sauce Labs.

Ruby_lib_core is the core driver library which provide selenium-webdriver related features and driver methods for Appium. The ruby_lib wrap the driver and serve many helpful methods for users.



Ruby Lib and Appium

  • Ruby library version over 9.8.0 requires Appium over 1.8
  • Ruby library version under 9.7.5 can work with Appium under 1.7

Start appium server

$ npm install -g appium
$ appium

Install / Upgrade

  • Update rubygems and bundler
$ gem update --system
$ gem update bundler
  • Install the latest gem release
gem uninstall -aIx appium_lib
gem install --no-rdoc --no-ri appium_lib

Sauce Labs env vars

  • SAUCE_USERNAME Sauce username
  • SAUCE_ENDPOINT Alternative Sauce Appium Server endpoint (only use if directed)

(Note: If these variables are set, all tests will use Sauce Labs unless over-ridden in configuration.)


Related libraries

  • ruby_lib_core: Bridged commands, WebDriver dependencies
    • We add new endpoints for Appium in the core library, and ruby_lib call the methods.
  • ruby_console: Appium Ruby Console
  • appium_capybara: Gem enabling appium support in capybara

Load Pry

Pry.config.pager = false is set if you have no .pryrc files and Pry is defined.

Run tests in parallel

This repository has examples for running tests in parallel. Read ios_tests to see them.


How to add new commands for driver

How to add new helpful methods

  • Add the new methods in this library