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For all platforms Node.js must be installed. node-gyp is used to automate the build process and can be installed using npm npm install node-gyp -g (using sudo on Linux and Mac). When you have fulfilled the pre-requisites to build on your platform, AppJS can be built by executing node-gyp rebuild in the AppJS source folder.

The Chromium Embedded Frame distributables are required to build. Download the ones for your platform, extract the folder to <appjs>/deps and rename the folder to "cef".



touch chmod +x

Then paste the following in the file:

  #!/usr/bin/env sh

  git clone
  export NVERSION="0.8.22";
  export CEFVERSION="1.1180.724";
  export N32BASE=`pwd`/appjs/node-32/${NVERSION}
  export PATH="${N32BASE}/bin:${PATH}"
  export NODE_URL="${NVERSION}/node-v${NVERSION}-darwin-x86.tar.gz"
  export NODE_TAR_FILE="node-v${NVERSION}-darwin-x86.tar.gz"
  export CEF_BINARY="cef_binary_${CEFVERSION}_darwin_ia32.tar.gz"
  export CEF_BINARY_URL="${CEFVERSION}_darwin_ia32.tar.gz"

  cd appjs
  mkdir -p node-32/src

  cd node-32/src

  if [ -a "${NODE_TAR_FILE}" ]; 
    echo "\nFile ${NODE_TAR_FILE} exists.\n"
    rm -rf "node-v${NVERSION}-darwin-x86" # if it exists
    wget "${NODE_URL}"

  tar -zxf $NODE_TAR_FILE

  cd node-v${NVERSION}-darwin-x86
  export PATH="node-v${NVERSION}-darwin-x86/bin:${PATH}"
  echo "\nCopying node binary...\n"
  cp bin/node ../../../data/mac/node-bin/
  npm install -g node-gyp
  # mkdir node_modules
  npm install mime

  cd ../../../
  mkdir -p deps
  cd deps

  if [ -a "cef_binary_${CEFVERSION}_darwin_ia32.tar.gz" ]; 
    echo "\nFile cef_binary_${CEFVERSION}_darwin_ia32.tar.gz exists.\n"
    wget --no-check-certificate "${CEF_BINARY_URL}"

  tar -xzf cef_binary_${CEFVERSION}_darwin_ia32.tar.gz
  ln -s cef_binary_${CEFVERSION}_darwin_ia32 cef

  cd ../
  node-gyp configure
  node-gyp build

Then run it:



Visual C++ 2010 must be available in some form. You can download Visual C++ 2010 Express for free.

While not required, MozillaBuild is the recommended build environment to compile in. It ensures you have all the dependencies and environmental variables in place. When you want to compile simply run "start-msvc10.bat" in the MozillaBuild folder, then cd /c/path/to/appjs.

Windows Alternative (detailed)

This section explains how to take a fresh windows 7 install and gives detailed instructions on how to compile appjs.

NPM / node-gyp

The first step involves creating a working npm environment that is able to compile C++ modules.

  • Go to and click on the install button to get the latest version of node.
  • Click on the "Node.js Command Prompt" link and then type in:

    npm install -g node-gyp

  • Install python (version 2.7.3 since version 3.* versions are not compatible).
  • Create an environment variable PYTHON = \python.exe

Free C++ Compiler setup

This section details using the free visual studio express edition since that is available for all.

To test for a working environment you can open the nodejs command prompt and enter the following:

 npm install sqlite3

It may give some warnings but as long as it does not show any red colours then it should print something like

sqlite3@2.1.5 node_modules\sqlite3

Building Appjs

  • git clone
  • Download the cef binary from
    • extract to appjs/deps/cef
    • you can download the 32 bit and 64 bit version and swap between them when compiling for different architectures.
    • SET npm_config_arch=ia32 to build for 32 bit
    • SET npm_config_arch=x64 to build for 64 bit.
  • In the "Windows SDK 7.1 Command Prompt"

    • cd to appjs directory
    • install node modules:
      • npm install mime
    • to build for 32bit on a 64bit machine:
      • setenv /x86
      • SET npm_config_arch=ia32
    • then in the appjs directory type

      node-gyp rebuild > build.log

Recommendations for building in windows

Use node version 0.8.0

Follow the following instructions in the specified order :

If you already have Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2010 or SP1 or Windows 7 SDK [this means any of them] before trying to build appjs then Uninstall the following from the control panel:

1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1
2. “Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable” and "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x64 Redistributable"
3. Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2010
4. Windows SDK 7.1 and its Service Pack 1

Then install in the specified order only:

1. Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2010 
2. Windows SDK 7.1
3. Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1
4. Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Compiler Update for the Windows SDK 7.1
Build Errors

If build fails with Linker Errors with native_menu.obj

Add /FORCE:MULTIPLE as an additional option in the Linker Properties of binding.gyp, like:

'VCLinkerTool': {
'LinkTimeCodeGeneration': 1, # link-time code generation
'OptimizeReferences': 2, # /OPT:REF
'AdditionalOptions': "/FORCE:MULTIPLE",   # <- add this line
'EnableCOMDATFolding': 2, # /OPT:ICF
'LinkIncremental': 1, # disable incremental linking