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+# Building
+For all platforms [Node.js]( must be installed. `node-gyp` is used to automate the build process and can be installed using npm `npm install node-gyp -g` (using sudo on Linux and Mac). When you have fulfilled the pre-requisites to build on your platform, AppJS can be built by executing `node-gyp rebuild` in the AppJS source folder.
+The [Chromium Embedded Frame]( distributables are required to build. Download the ones for your platform, extract the folder to `<appjs>/deps` and rename the folder to "cef".
+## Linux
+## Mac
+## Windows
+Visual C++ 2010 must be available in some form. You can download [Visual C++ 2010 Express]( for free.
+While not required, [MozillaBuild]( is the recommended build environment to compile in. It ensures you have all the dependencies and environmental variables in place. When you want to compile simply run "start-msvc10.bat" in the MozillaBuild folder, then `cd /c/path/to/appjs`.

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