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Upgrade to CEF3 or Chromium Content #174

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Brandon Benvie Dream707 Cheng Zhao Morteza Milani Elijah Insua Juzer Ali tomzhou
Brandon Benvie

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why "or" ? You didn't decided it yet?

Brandon Benvie

They're not exactly mutually exclusive, as CEF3 is built using Chromium Content. I'm trying to determine whether exactly the give and take is between the two.

Cheng Zhao

adobe/brackets chose CEF3 as its platform, and I have chose Content API for node-webkit.

node-webkit < v0.2.2 was based on CEF3, but I turned to Content API finally because our development is much faster than CEF and we need to hack into Chromium and WebKit in order to implement some features.

For appjs, I think CEF3 would be a better choice, since appjs is mainly a module of node.

Morteza Milani

we actually need some hacks on chromium too. We need to access some APIs that CEF hides them behind terrible structures!!

Brandon Benvie

We have had continual frustration with the limitations imposed by CEF's wrapper around everything. The reason content is being seriously considered for this transition is because it seems that the value CEF brings above and beyond Content alone is not obvious. In fact, it seems like a bad tradeoff because you end up more restricted with less access to the implementations that are included at base with Content client.

The integration with Node helps to push us even further toward wanting to abandon CEF as well. With Node, we're working directly with the V8 API and it is wonderful. CEF wraps it in an extra layer, prevents access to most of it, and completely prevents any potential ability to combine into a single V8 runtime.

I must say, CEF is a great tool to build with initially but it is extremely frustrating as time goes in how much it tries to hide things away and makes accessing the underlying libraries (V8, WebKit, etc.) nearly impossible.


What are the current reasons against using content API?

Brandon Benvie

There's a lot of things that CEF does provide that we would have to reproduce or port. Keep in mind that CEF3 IS content API. It's built on top of it.

Elijah Insua

did we ever decide which direction to go?

Juzer Ali

Are we giving up CEF?


Is there a timeline porting appjs to cef3/content api?

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