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Welcome to AppJS

AppJS is an SDK to develop desktop applications using Node.js melded with Chromium.

With AppJS you can develop desktop tools and applications using the same libraries and knowledge used to build websites and web applications. You get all the following in one package:

  • JS, HTML5, CSS, SVG, WebGL — by Chromium
  • mature HTTP/HTTPS servers and client APIs — by Node.js
  • filesystem, DNS, cryptography, subprocesses, OS APIs — by Node.js
  • sandboxed code execution environements, virtual machines — by Node.js
  • tools for exposing native C++ bindings to JavaScript — by Node.js

IRC: #appjs on freenode. You are welcome !

Map view of the stars to the AppJS github repo

AppJS and Rich Internet Application frameworks already tested

Getting Started

These are some of the first pages you should read, they're very short and will get you familiar with how simple it is to develop applications with AppJS!

Then, check out the code samples listed below or just browse the wiki pages.

There is an in depth tutorial available elsewhere, it may help.

Code samples

Deploying nodejs in AppJS

Using nodejs, node modules, and javascript in AppJS




Keyboard Events

Building AppJS

If you would like to build AppJS from source, there are directions at Building AppJS