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The application for flexible time management

Presentation | Demo


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Based on heroku-cra-node

Local Development

Clone repository (git clone

Start MongoDB (install and run MongoDB)

Run the API Server

In a terminal:

# Initial setup
yarn install

# Start the server
yarn start
yarn develop (start with nodemon)

Run the React UI

The React app is configured to proxy backend requests to the local Node server. (See "proxy" config)

In a separate terminal from the API server, start the UI:

# Always change directory, first
cd react-ui/

# Initial setup
yarn install

# Start the server
yarn start


In a separate terminal from the API server and react UI:

# Run all tests
yarn test

# Run only server tests
yarn test server

# Run only react UI tests
cd react-ui/
yarn test


You can use a button Deploy or make it manually

git clone
cd web/
heroku create
git push heroku master

This deployment will automatically:

  • detect Node buildpack
  • build the app with
    • npm install for the Node server
    • heroku-postbuild for create-react-app
  • launch the web process with npm start
    • serves ../react-ui/build/ as static files
    • customize by adding API, proxy, or route handlers/redirectors

More about deploying to Heroku.

Deploying with Git

GitHub Integration (Heroku GitHub Deploys)

Environment variables

Application required three environment variables

Set vars on Heroku

Basic auth

USER: string
PASS: string

Database ( or something like this)

MONGO_URI: mongodb://<dbuser>:<dbpassword><dbname>