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import clean-up.

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1 parent 6268ab8 commit 3830e4d9eb20300a7b46fc6d390241ded187eb39 @cyrusdaboo cyrusdaboo committed Aug 30, 2006
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@@ -15,10 +15,6 @@
# DRI: Wilfredo Sanchez,
-from twisted.internet.defer import succeed
-from twisted.internet.defer import waitForDeferred
-from twisted.web2.dav.util import parentForURL
-from twisted.internet.defer import deferredGenerator
@@ -28,17 +24,16 @@
__all__ = ["http_MKCALENDAR"]
-import os
-from twisted.internet.defer import maybeDeferred
+from twisted.internet.defer import deferredGenerator
+from twisted.internet.defer import waitForDeferred
from twisted.python import log
from twisted.python.failure import Failure
from twisted.web2 import responsecode
from twisted.web2.dav import davxml
from twisted.web2.dav.http import ErrorResponse, MultiStatusResponse, PropertyStatusResponseQueue
from twisted.web2.dav.util import davXMLFromStream
+from twisted.web2.dav.util import parentForURL
from twisted.web2.http import HTTPError, StatusResponse
-from twisted.web2.iweb import IResponse
from twistedcaldav import caldavxml

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