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Ensure that auto-accept does not happen during attendee refresh proce…


git-svn-id: e27351fd-9f3e-4f54-a53b-843176b1656c
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cyrusdaboo committed Jun 13, 2013
1 parent 627daeb commit 527c19d054ca4098f63388ac28bce0dd47eb0c83
@@ -980,7 +980,7 @@ def processRequests(self):

# If SCHEDULE-FORCE-SEND only change, only send message to those Attendees
if self.reinvites and attendee in self.reinvites:
if self.reinvites and attendee not in self.reinvites:

itipmsg = iTipGenerator.generateAttendeeRequest(self.calendar, (attendee,), self.changed_rids)
@@ -536,7 +536,7 @@ def doImplicitAttendeeRequest(self):

# Handle auto-reply behavior
organizer = normalizeCUAddr(self.message.getOrganizer())
if self.recipient.principal.canAutoSchedule(organizer=organizer):
if self.recipient.principal.canAutoSchedule(organizer=organizer) and not hasattr(self.txn, "doing_attendee_refresh"):
# auto schedule mode can depend on who the organizer is
mode = self.recipient.principal.getAutoScheduleMode(organizer=organizer)
send_reply, store_inbox, partstat = (yield self.checkAttendeeAutoReply(new_calendar, mode))
@@ -751,7 +751,7 @@ def checkAttendeeAutoReply(self, calendar, automode):
expand_max = PyCalendarDateTime.getToday() + default_future_expansion_duration
instances = calendar.expandTimeRanges(expand_max, ignoreInvalidInstances=True)

# We are goin g to ignore auto-accept processing for anything more than a day old (actually use -2 days
# We are going to ignore auto-accept processing for anything more than a day old (actually use -2 days
# to add some slop to account for possible timezone offsets)
min_date = PyCalendarDateTime.getToday()

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