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Failing test.

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glyph committed Jun 5, 2013
1 parent 2e40ada commit ab9dbbffb761c9cb4025868efb5fc0b495a7854c
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@@ -716,6 +716,39 @@ def op2(txn):
self.assertEquals(rows, [[4321, 7]])

def test_noWorkDoneWhenConcurrentlyDeleted(self):
When a L{WorkItem} is concurrently deleted by another transaction, it
should I{not} perform its work.
# Provide access to a method called 'concurrently' everything using
original =
def decorate(*a, **k):
result = original()
result.concurrently = original
return result = decorate

def operation(txn):
return txn.enqueue(DummyWorkItem, a=30, b=40, workID=5678,
proposal = yield inTransaction(, operation)
yield proposal.whenExecuted()
# Sanity check on the concurrent deletion.
def op2(txn):
return Select([schema.DUMMY_WORK_ITEM.WORK_ID],
rows = yield inTransaction(, op2)
def op3(txn):
return Select([schema.DUMMY_WORK_DONE.WORK_ID,
rows = yield inTransaction(, op3)
self.assertEquals(rows, [])

class DummyProposal(object):

def __init__(self, *ignored):

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