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Fix for directory rendering api change. Also use a regular principal …

…resource as the base class as a proxy is not

really a calendar principal because it has no home, inbox etc.

git-svn-id: e27351fd-9f3e-4f54-a53b-843176b1656c
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cyrusdaboo committed Feb 14, 2007
1 parent 67d68e8 commit f73205d0972519274f6cec2b1c3a8cef21bf4f45
Showing with 52 additions and 60 deletions.
  1. +52 −60 twistedcaldav/directory/
@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
from twisted.web2.http import Response
from twisted.web2.http_headers import MimeType

from twistedcaldav.extensions import DAVFile
from twistedcaldav.extensions import DAVFile, DAVPrincipalResource
from twistedcaldav.extensions import ReadOnlyWritePropertiesResourceMixIn
from twistedcaldav.resource import CalendarPrincipalResource
from twistedcaldav.sql import AbstractSQLDatabase
@@ -66,10 +66,18 @@ def accessControlList(self, request, inheritance=True, expanding=False, inherite
# Permissions here are fixed, and are not subject to inherritance rules, etc.
return succeed(self.defaultAccessControlList())

class CalendarUserProxyPrincipalResource (AutoProvisioningFileMixIn, PermissionsMixIn, CalendarPrincipalResource, DAVFile):
class CalendarUserProxyPrincipalResource (AutoProvisioningFileMixIn, PermissionsMixIn, DAVPrincipalResource, DAVFile):
Calendar user proxy principal resource.

def davComplianceClasses(self):
return tuple(super(CalendarUserProxyPrincipalResource, self).davComplianceClasses()) + (

def __init__(self, path, parent, proxyType):
@param path: the path to the file which will back this resource.
@@ -110,6 +118,9 @@ def resourceType(self):
return super(CalendarUserProxyPrincipalResource, self).resourceType()

def isCollection(self):
return True

def writeProperty(self, property, request):
assert isinstance(property, davxml.WebDAVElement)

@@ -145,12 +156,12 @@ def setGroupMemberSet(self, new_members, request):

def render(self, request):
def format_list(method, *args):
def renderDirectoryBody(self, request):
def format_list(items, *args):
def genlist():
item = None
for item in method(*args):
for item in items:
yield " -> %s\n" % (item,)
if item is None:
yield " '()\n"
@@ -160,61 +171,42 @@ def genlist():
yield " ** %s **: %s\n" % (e.__class__.__name__, e)
return "".join(genlist())

output = [
"""<div class="directory-listing">"""
"""<h1>Proxy Principal Details</h1>"""
% {
"title": unquote(request.uri),
"style": self.directoryStyleSheet(),

"Directory Information\n"
"Parent Directory GUID: %s\n" % (self.parent.record.service.guid,),
"Realm: %s\n" % (self.parent.record.service.realmName,),
"Parent Principal Information\n"
"GUID: %s\n" % (self.parent.record.guid,),
"Record type: %s\n" % (self.parent.record.recordType,),
"Short name: %s\n" % (self.parent.record.shortName,),
"Full name: %s\n" % (self.parent.record.fullName,),
"Proxy Principal Information\n"
"Principal URL: %s\n" % (self.principalURL(),),
"\nAlternate URIs:\n" , format_list(self.alternateURIs),
"\nGroup members:\n" , format_list(self.groupMembers),


output.append(self.getDirectoryTable("Collection Listing"))


output = "".join(output)
if type(output) == unicode:
output = output.encode("utf-8")
mime_params = {"charset": "utf-8"}
mime_params = {}

response = Response(code=responsecode.OK, stream=output)
response.headers.setHeader("content-type", MimeType("text", "html", mime_params))

return response
def link(url):
return """<a href="%s">%s</a>""" % (url, url)

def gotSuper(output):
return "".join((
"""<div class="directory-listing">"""
"""<h1>Principal Details</h1>"""
"""Directory Information\n"""
"""Parent Directory GUID: %s\n""" % (self.parent.record.service.guid,),
"""Realm: %s\n""" % (self.parent.record.service.realmName,),
"""Parent Principal Information\n"""
"""GUID: %s\n""" % (self.parent.record.guid,),
"""Record type: %s\n""" % (self.parent.record.recordType,),
"""Short name: %s\n""" % (self.parent.record.shortName,),
"""Full name: %s\n""" % (self.parent.record.fullName,),
"""Principal UID: %s\n""" % (self.parent.principalUID(),),
"""Principal URL: %s\n""" % (link(self.parent.principalURL()),),
"""Proxy Principal Information\n"""
"""Principal UID: %s\n""" % (self.principalUID(),),
"""Principal URL: %s\n""" % (link(self.principalURL()),),
"""\nAlternate URIs:\n""" , format_list(self.alternateURIs()),
"""\nGroup members:\n""" , format_list(link(p.principalURL()) for p in self.groupMembers()),
"""\nGroup memberships:\n""" , format_list(link(p.principalURL()) for p in self.groupMemberships()),

d = super(CalendarUserProxyPrincipalResource, self).renderDirectoryBody(request)
return d


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