[PATCH] Name Service Switch (NSS) directory backend #1

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@agx originally submitted this as ticket:271

This implements a simple NSS based user and group lookup directory service (it basically uses what's returned by the python's pwd and grp modules).

You can set a prefix for groups and ranges for uids/gids to make sure system users/groups don't end up having calendars.

This directory service is not doing any authentication, simply use Kerberos.

twistedcaldav.directory.nss.NssDirectoryService has some documentation in the top of the file.

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@agx originally submitted this as attachment:0003-add-guid.patch:⁠ticket:271

add guid for easier identification of calendars on disk

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rahul@… originally submitted this as attachment:nssdirectory-2.4.patch:⁠ticket:271

NSS Directory patch for calendarserver 2.4

rahul@… originally submitted this as comment:4:⁠ticket:271

Hi, I've just uploaded a NSS directory service patch compatible with calendarservice 2.4. Changes from the previous version include:

  • Changed the baseGUID for NSS Directory service as the previous value was not being accepted.
  • Removed making prefix mandatory as guid collisions is now not posssible.
  • The new directory service architecture in calendarserver now uses shortName for lookup. Therefore no user and group should have the same short name. Did not know how to enforce this.
  • PAM authentication added

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Now that twext.who is landed, this is worth a revisit.

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