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michaelrsweet commented Jun 13, 2006

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CUPS.org User: benjaminq

Lately, I tried to print menu cards, they have a size of 21x21cm. I can easily set this paper size in OOorg for creating the cards. However, the installed printer (HP PSC2355 on Ubuntu 6.06) does not support this paper size and the predefined paper sizes won't match this size either.

So I wish there was a convenient possibility to define custom paper sizes in CUPS. I only found some suggestions to edit the printers PPD file.

This feature would also be very useful for everyone that uses continuous forms or fanfold paper.

All the best

BEnjamin Quest


michaelrsweet commented Jun 13, 2006

CUPS.org User: till.kamppeter

This seems to be a problem of OpenOffice.org. The PPD file for your printer contains all the needed stuff to support custom paper sizes, but OpenOffice.org ignores this. I recommend you to file a bug or feature request at OpenOffice.org.


michaelrsweet commented Jun 13, 2006

CUPS.org User: till.kamppeter

benjaminq wrote by e-mail (backposted to the report):

Hi and thanks for your response.

I have set up OOorg so that it presents a native KDE kprinter dialog. Additionally, I searched every bit of kcontrol concerning printers and used the web interface of CUPS. I do not find a possibility to set a paper size that is not in the list. Not from OOorg and neither from any KDE Program.

(This list of page sizes is also presented in the OOorg printing dialog by the way)

The list of paper sizes seems to be determined by the PPD file (or is the hpijs driver the culprit?). The printer itself has an automatic paper detection that does apparently not function under Linux. So all that's left is selecting the paper from the list that comes with the PPD. If the media to be printed is not on that list, you either have to work around or edit the PPD file.

I apologize if my description may not be technical enough.

All the best

Paper size lists come really from the PPD files, not from the drivers. Unfortunately, most GUIs do not see the support for a custom paper size. Your distro has probably a package named "xpp" which is also a GUI printing frontend, but with support for custom page sizes. Try this one instead of kprinter.

For the missing custom page size in the web interface file a new bug report here on the CUPS site.


michaelrsweet commented Jun 13, 2006

CUPS.org User: pipitas

Closed -- this is not a CUPS bug, but one in OpenOffice.org and in kprinter (or any other CUPS print client that does not support the CustomPageSize parameter).

CUPS supports the requested 21cm x 21cm in its commandline clients lp and lpr. This

lp -d printername -o PageSize=Custom.595x595 /path/to/filename
lpr -Pprintername -o PageSize=Custom.595x595 /path/to/filename

can be used to print a file onto a 595x595 sheet (595 points == 21 cm). Hmm... maybe the CUPS documentation could be improved for this point.

(If the printer mechanics support that file size is a completely different question, also outside the scope of CUPS).

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