Backends ignore SIGTERM #2092

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michaelrsweet commented Nov 10, 2006

Version: 1.2.5 User: twaugh.redhat

When cancelling a job, the backend ignores SIGTERM and continues printing. I understand this is due to the desire to allow the filter to make the printer eject the page or otherwise finish the job off cleanly, but it means that (a) the printer buffer and (b) the pipe buffer between the filter and the backend get to spool onto the printer even after the job is cancelled.

There must be a better way! For example, the parallel backend ought to be given the opportunity to reset the device.

ref. rhbz#215059


michaelrsweet commented Nov 10, 2006 User: mike

We can't do an arbitrary reset of the device, since for parallel printers it either causes undefined behavior (most impact printers) or is ignored (most laser and inkjet printers)... We also have to handle some parallel port driver oddities, especially on Linux. The story for other backends is similar, with some backends having no way to do a "reset".

The new side-channel API (STR #1898) will allow drivers to do device-specific cleanup, telling the backend to do a reset, drain the stdin pipe, etc...

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