Page accounting does not work as documented #2427

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michaelrsweet commented Jun 29, 2007

Version: 1.2-current User: opher

The man page for filter(7) has this to say on page accounting:

PAGE: page-number #-copies
PAGE: #-pages total
Adds an entry to the current PageLog. The first form adds #-copies to the job-media-sheets-completed attribute. The second form sets the job-media-sheets-completed attribute to #-pages.

The second form - the total page count - does not work.
I'm running two machines FC6-i386 with CUPS ver 1.2.10 and 1.2.7 (rpms distributed by fedora).

In my filter I tried: echo "PAGE: 70" >&2
The page_log showed:
BPHhold1 java 847 [29/Jun/2007:19:09:08 +0300] 70 -
and the Web interface claimed -2129748404 number of pages!

Just for fun also tried: echo "PAGE: 70 total" >&2
The page_log showed:
BPHhold1 java 848 [29/Jun/2007:19:11:32 +0300] 70 total -
and the Web interface claimed 1 number of pages.

So, is this a documentation error or a bug?



michaelrsweet commented Jul 6, 2007 User: mike

The documentation is wrong; the format is:

PAGE: total #-pages

Sorry for the confusion!

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