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michaelrsweet commented Jul 18, 2009

Version: -feature User: rygle

Many printers are capable of collating in the printer hardware, however CUPS PPD driver files default to software collating and do not give the option of hardware collation.

The outcome of this is that printing multiple copies of a multi-page document is often extremely slow, because CUPS effectively generates a new print job for each copy of the document. This is very software/CPU intensive and far from optimal.

Hardware collation would be a matter of adding a simple section to many of the existing PPD driver files, and would allow many printers to receive the spooled print job once and then to print all copies in hardware, with no further software/CPU intervention.

Even if the CUPS providers are unwilling to set this by default, it should be an option that is available from within the printer setup. I believe that many laser printers and even some inkjet printers would have this capability.


michaelrsweet commented Jul 20, 2009 User: mike

If the PPD file provides a Collate option, we use it. This option is highly printer-specific and so can only be provided by the vendor (i.e. not us).

We've supported hardware collate (if supported by the PPD/driver) since CUPS 1.0.

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