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Epiphany and IE do not handle multipart content properly (Add Printer, etc.) #3455

michaelrsweet opened this issue Dec 17, 2009 · 11 comments


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michaelrsweet commented Dec 17, 2009

Version: 1.4.2 User: ajacoutot


The web interface gets stuck when on the 'Add Printer' page.
The "Looking for printers..." icon not stops rotating and only one "Other Network Printers:" is found.

When I reload the page, then another network printer is found but the first one disappears... I can keep refreshing the page and at one point USB will appear as a choice... but whatever I try, I never get all the options at once on the page and the icon never stops. Once I make the desired backend appear (e.g. lpd), I can keep going and install the printer just fine.

I really have no idea how to get more info about this.
Debug error_log attached, devices seem to be found, they only don't appear on the web interface.

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michaelrsweet commented Jan 14, 2010 User: mike

What browser are you using?

Can you attach a copy of the following:

  1. "lpstat -v" output.
  2. HTML source of the final page.

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michaelrsweet commented Jan 15, 2010 User: ajacoutot

$ pstat -v
device for epson: lpd://
device for Virtual_PDF_Printer: cups-pdf:/

It seems to work ok with Firefox3 (a bit slow, to display all printers protocols, but it works). However, with epiphany (webkit), it hangs forever, html source attached.

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michaelrsweet commented Jan 18, 2010 User: mike

OK, it looks like epiphany is not handling multipart content properly. I will see about blacklisting multipart for it, assuming it identifies itself differently than Safari...

The speed issue is likely addressed by the changes in the upcoming 1.4.3 - we just show the selection page twice - once for the "looking for printers banner" and then again when we have collected all of the device URIs.

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michaelrsweet commented Jan 18, 2010 User: ajacoutot

This is the complete identification Epiphany gives me:
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; OpenBSD i386; c) AppleWebKit/531.2+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/531.2+

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michaelrsweet commented Feb 13, 2010 User: fm

Same error happens in chrome. I am using version 5.0.322.2.

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michaelrsweet commented Apr 1, 2010 User: ajacoutot

1.4.3 still has the issue but now the interface is completely stuck on "Looking for printers...". Whether I stop or refresh the page load, nothing happens.
I can repeat the issue on webkit-based browser (epiphany, chromium...) where on firefox or seamonkey it works fine.

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michaelrsweet commented Apr 21, 2010 User: cboston

Even though the code specifically whitelists multipart for MSIE user agents, neither IE 7 nor IE 8 seem to be able to handle it in my testing. It just sits there at the "Looking for Printers" screen. You end up having to scroll down to a second "page" after a multipart/x-mixed-replace header to choose a backend.

Some searching seems to indicate that IE has never supported x-mixed-replace.

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michaelrsweet commented Apr 28, 2010 User: jgrumboe

Yes, this is exactly what I posted in the dup-bug #3456.
And i posted an URL ( which could be a possibly solution to be implemented.

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michaelrsweet commented Nov 26, 2010 User: imcguire

I can confirm that this is still a problem in version 1.4.5 with IE8.

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michaelrsweet commented Jan 8, 2011 User: mike

Fixed in Subversion repository.


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michaelrsweet commented Jan 8, 2011


Index: cgi-bin/html.c

--- cgi-bin/html.c (revision 9428)
+++ cgi-bin/html.c (working copy)
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@

  • "$Id$"
    • * HTML support functions for the Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS).
    • * HTML support functions for CUPS.
    • * Copyright 2007-2009 by Apple Inc.
    • * Copyright 2007-2011 by Apple Inc.
  • Copyright 1997-2006 by Easy Software Products.
  • These coded instructions, statements, and computer programs are the
    @@ -208,31 +208,13 @@
    int /* O - 1 if multi-part supported, 0 otherwise */
  • const char user_agent; / User-Agent string */
  • static int supports_multipart = -1;/* Cached value */
  • /*
  • * Too many bug reports for browsers that don't support it, and too much pain
  • * to whitelist known-good browsers, so for now we just punt on multi-part
  • * support... :(
  • */

  • if (supports_multipart < 0)
  • {
  • /*
  • * CUPS STR Cups web administration dosen't work in most browsers #3049: Apparently some browsers don't support multi-part
  • * documents, which makes them useless for many web sites. Rather than
  • * abandoning those users, we'll offer a degraded single-part mode...
  • * Currently we know that anything based on Gecko, MSIE, and Safari all
  • * work. We'll add more as they are reported/tested.

- */

  • if ((user_agent = getenv("HTTP_USER_AGENT")) != NULL &&
  •    (strstr(user_agent, " Gecko/") != NULL ||
  • strstr(user_agent, " MSIE ") != NULL ||
  • strstr(user_agent, " Safari/") != NULL))
  •  supports_multipart = 1;
  • else
  •  supports_multipart = 0;

- }

  • return (supports_multipart);
  • return (0);

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