access to cups impossible with SSH tunnels #3912

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michaelrsweet commented Aug 3, 2011

Version: 1.4.3 User: Uqbar

For technical reason I need to print from local CUPS to a remote CUPS printer.
The access is done through an SSH tunnel.
The remote CUPS says:
Request from "localhost" using invalid Host: field ""

where is a local dummy interface used by SSH to forward traffic to the remote CUPS.
For the sake of completeness, the tunnel is opened from the remote CUPS machine to the local one with a commmand like this:

ssh -C -N -T -R -L 8080: root@localmachine

I think this very bug is related to this:


michaelrsweet commented Aug 4, 2011 User: mike

This configuration is not supported and supporting it would involve opening up cupsd to local browser-based attacks, which we went to great effort to block.

Not to be fixed.


michaelrsweet commented Sep 21, 2011 User: brunoc68

It is problematic : I use freenx via a ssh-tunnel through a gateway, and I am not able to print locally. I suspect it is because of this issue, because the cups connection doesn't work "manually" ("...using invalid Host:...").
I found a workaround which is to make 2 ssh tunnels instead of one, so that on both ends there is "localhost:631".
This is very complicated in the end : is there really no way to disable this security feature ? The directive "ServerAlias *" doesn't help at all in my case.

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