tmpnam remains in pdftops/gfile.cxx:499 #406

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michaelrsweet commented Nov 15, 2003

Version: 1.1.20rc6 User: kmuto.debian


I found pdftops/gfile.cxx remains insecure tmpnam using.

Warning from gcc (Debian GNU/Linux unstable gcc-3.3.2) says:
libxpdf.a(gfile.o)(.text+0x59d): In function openTempFile(GString**, _IO_FILE** , char const*, char const*)': cupsys-1.1.20candidate6/pdftops/gfile.cxx:499: warning: the use oftmpnam' is dangerous, better use `mkstemp'

The code is:
if (!(s = tmpnam(NULL))) {



michaelrsweet commented Nov 17, 2003 User: mike

tmpnam by itself is not insecure - the Xpdf code opens the tmpnam filename using the appropriate flags (O_EXCL and others).

The reason for the tmpnam code was to support LZW compressed streams on platforms using the "uncompress" command. Since some implementations of "uncompress" required a trailing ".Z" on the filename, the only function capable of supporting a temporary filename of this form was tmpnam.

That said, it appears that the LZW code is now implemented internally in Xpdf (thanks to the patent expiration... :), so I'll rip out the last vestiges of tmpnam for CUPS 1.1.20.



michaelrsweet commented Nov 19, 2003 User: mike

Fixed in CVS - the anonymous CVS repository will be updated at midnight EST.

michaelrsweet added this to the Stable milestone Mar 17, 2016

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