Typo in cups-files.conf manpage: cups-file.conf instead of cups-files.conf #4259

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michaelrsweet commented Jan 13, 2013

Version: 1.6.1
CUPS.org User: odyx

Hi Mike,

On 1.6.1:

$ grep -C3 -h cups-file.conf man/cups-files.conf.man.in
cups-files.conf - file and directory configuration file for cups
The \fIcups-file.conf\fR file configures the files and directories used by the
CUPS scheduler, \fIcupsd(8)\fR. It is normally located in the
\fI@CUPS_SERVERROOT@\fR directory.

It's written "cups-file.conf" there, which is wrong. Also the header comment is wrong as it says to cupsd.conf:

$ grep -C3 -h 'man page for' man/cups-files.conf.man.in
." "$Id$"
." cupsd.conf man page for CUPS.
." Copyright 2007-2013 by Apple Inc.
." Copyright 1997-2006 by Easy Software Products.

That said, do you plan to release a 1.6.2 release soon ? We (Debian+Ubuntu) have been appending lots of patches to have 1.6.1 functional and it'd be great if we could reduce our patches list on top of a great 1.6.2 release!




michaelrsweet commented Jan 16, 2013

CUPS.org User: mike

Fixed in Subversion repository.

michaelrsweet added this to the Stable milestone Mar 17, 2016

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