ppd default tray works for test files but not for pdf #4400

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michaelrsweet commented Apr 9, 2014

Version: 1.7-current
CUPS.org User: vaerssv


we are testing cups 1.7 with our Xerox WorkCenter 7556 printers.
We want to print only using tray 2 of the printer. in order to configure this, we are using the driver in attach. configuring default tray is tray2.

now, when printing a test page, printer uses tray 2.
printing a test file, printer uses tray2
but printing a PDF file, printer always uses tray 1...

could you explain why? how could we solve this ? we tried using -o tray2 and different options, but none are taken into account...

printer config in printers.conf:

UUID urn:uuid:c4707dae-91d3-34b1-44b7-59eec6f5e345
Info blah
Location blah
MakeModel Xerox WorkCentre 7556
DeviceURI socket://PA902718.netpost:9100
State Idle
StateTime 1397050132
Reason waste-receptacle-full-warning
Reason opc-near-eol-report
Reason toner-empty-warning
Type 8433916
Accepting Yes
Shared Yes
JobSheets none none
QuotaPeriod 0
PageLimit 0
KLimit 0
OpPolicy default
ErrorPolicy stop-printer
Attribute marker-colors #000000,#00FFFF,#FF00FF,#FFFF00,#000000,#00FFFF,#FF00FF,#FFFF00,none,none,none,none
Attribute marker-levels 1,57,58,58,5,94,94,94,81,0,30,44
Attribute marker-names Black Toner,Cyan Toner,Magenta Toner,Yellow Toner,Drum Cartridge (R1),Drum Cartridge (R2),Drum Cartridge (R3),Drum Cartridge (R4),Fuser,Waste Toner Container,Transfer Belt Cleaner,Second Bias Transfer Roll
Attribute marker-types toner,toner,toner,toner,opc,opc,opc,opc,fuser,waste-toner,transfer-unit,transfer-unit
Attribute marker-change-time 1397050132

if you need more info , don't hesitate to ask...

many thanks



michaelrsweet commented Apr 11, 2014

CUPS.org User: mike

"-o tray2" isn't a valid option. Run "lpoptions -p PA902718-CITS-TEST-1-BPOSTBANK -l" to list the valid options, and use "-o InputSlot=foo" (where "foo" is the name of the paper tray listed by lpoptions) to override the default.

That said, what OS/Linux distribution are you using? This sounds like a PDF to PostScript filter bug that is preventing the default InputSlot invocation code from being used; it could also be a printer bug...


michaelrsweet commented Apr 15, 2014

CUPS.org User: h.blischke

I suppose the culprit is openprinting's pdftops filter. It translates the
option to a media position value unknown to the Xerox printer. The printer's PPD
seems not to be examined; the filter uses (as it seems to me) HP conventions

I suggest to file a bug at openprinting.org.


michaelrsweet commented Apr 15, 2014

CUPS.org User: vaerssv

ok many thanks for the information.
bug open at openprinting : https://www.linuxfoundation.org/collaborate/workgroups/openprinting/pdftops-translate-inputslottray2

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