CUPS and Print Pro fail to print complete file on Linux via serial backend #494

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michaelrsweet commented Dec 18, 2003

Version: 1.1.20 User: mpeterson.mail.charlesfurniture

I am trying to print text cobol program listings and reports created by cobol programs.
The text cobol listing I tried to print was 11 pages and does not complete.
The reports vary up to over 400 pages.
A 50 page reports stops good printing after 47 pages and prints some messed up lines that are a part of the 48 page.
no errors displayed in cups logs but the jobs fail to print all info from file to printer
I am running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 3.0.
I upgraded via source to 1.1.20 and problems still persists.
I downloaded Print Pro 4.4.1 and problems still persists.
A small file like the /etc/passwd file does print to completion.


michaelrsweet commented Dec 19, 2003 User: mike

What printer are you using?

What serial port settings are you using?


michaelrsweet commented Dec 19, 2003 User: mpeterson.mail.charlesfurniture

The serial port is port #0 on an Equinox ESP 16.

The printer is a Line Printer MT661 made by Mannesman Tally.

I am printing using raw and 9600,8,N,Software Flow Control (XON/XOFF).

I rebooted the server and setup COM Port 1 on the motherboard and all worked fine with Print Pro
I removed Print Pro and redid make install for 1.1.20 and 1.1.20 CUPS worked fine to COM Port 1.

It now prints garbage instead of nothing after printing most of a text report to the Equinox port.


michaelrsweet commented Feb 17, 2004 User: mike

At this point, it sounds more like a problem with your Equinox software than with CUPS. Please try sending a text file directly using cat redirected to the Equinox device file, e.g.:

 cat filename.txt >/dev/foo

There may also be additional configuration required to make those serial ports work the way you expect them to.


michaelrsweet commented Feb 17, 2004 User: mpeterson.mail.charlesfurniture

I removed cups as a test and installed LPRNG and so far all prints fine with it. I will try what you suggested and reinstall with CUPS and see if anything changes.


michaelrsweet commented Mar 19, 2004 User: mike

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