Documentation Request: CUPS 1.1.19 does not work with Foomatic 2.0.x, 3.0.x is needed #52

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michaelrsweet commented Apr 26, 2003

Version: 1.1-current User: till.kamppeter

This is not a bug in CUPS, but it is important information to be mentioned in the documentation/the announcement of CUPS 1.1.19.

Due to CUPS 1.1.19 rejecting PPDs which are not 100% Adobe-compliant there is a problem with PPD files from Foomatic 2.0.x and older (with "cupsomatic" filter). These PPD files have an embedded Perl data structure with all information about the printer/driver combo in use from the Foomatic database. This structure is built by the "Data::Dumper" module of Perl. The problem is that the GhostScript command line is put into one line of the PPD file and with some drivers (especially the "Postscript" and the PCL laser printer drivers) the line gets longer than the permitted 255 characters and so CUPS 1.1.19 does not accept the PPD file.

In Foomatic 3.0.x (with "foomatic-rip" filter) this problem does not occur. Here all parts of the PPD file are constructed by the Foomatic software. Here long command lines are split. So there is no PPD file which exceeds the 255 character limit.

As I will release Foomatic 3.0.0 before May 1st, I will not fix Foomatic 2.0.x any more, as it is obsolete then. In addition, the fix would be rather complicated as the Perl structure is generated by a part of Perl, I would have to rewrite the Perl data-structure dumping.

Mike, I want to ask you that when you announce CUPS 1.1.19, that you also tell that users who use Foomatic 2.0.x (or a PPD from with "cupsomatic") should switch to Foomatic 3.0.x (or a new as the PPD from with "foomatic-rip") files, as they are completely Adobe-compliant and therefore work with CUPS 1.1.19.

I will take care that Foomatic 3.0.0 will be released before the final CUPS 1.1.19. For that I want to know the exact release day of CUPS 1.1.19. The earliest possible for me to release Foomatic 3.0.0 is late Saturday (April 26) or Sunday.

If Foomatic 3.0.0 is on the main site of when CUPS 1.1.19 comes out, one can simply tell to the users of CUPS 1.1.19 with Foomatic to get a new PPD file and "foomatic-rip" from


michaelrsweet commented Apr 26, 2003 User: mike

First, the earliest 1.1.19 will be out is May 2nd (as indicated in the announcement and by the CMP - 2 weeks between the last RC and the production release...)

Second, I does appear that we'll be doing at least another release candidate before releasing 1.1.19 - we have a couple pri 4 and 5 STRs that are fixed in CVS that need to be released and tested.

Third, while we'll be happy to include a note in the final release announcement concerning the increased PPD conformance requirements, we won't be making any specific announcements for third-party software. If you'd like that type of announcement, list Foomatic on the links page (if it isn't already) and post an update with a news announcement and we'll post that separately on the site.

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