CUPS doesn't work if Listen set #658

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michaelrsweet commented Mar 25, 2004

Version: 1.1.20 User:

While setting up a FreeBSD jail I decided to ask CUPS to be kind enough to listen on just the specified address:

Unfortunately, this seems to break the insides of CUPS.

I [25/Mar/2004:22:50:58 +0000] Sending browsing info to c0a87bff:631
I [25/Mar/2004:22:50:58 +0000] Loaded configuration file "/usr/local/etc/cups/cupsd.conf"
I [25/Mar/2004:22:50:58 +0000] Configured for up to 100 clients.
I [25/Mar/2004:22:50:58 +0000] Allowing up to 100 client connections per host.
I [25/Mar/2004:22:50:58 +0000] Full reload is required.
I [25/Mar/2004:22:51:02 +0000] LoadPPDs: Read "/usr/local/etc/cups/ppds.dat", 13 PPDs...
I [25/Mar/2004:22:51:02 +0000] LoadPPDs: No new or changed PPDs...
I [25/Mar/2004:22:51:03 +0000] Full reload complete.
I [25/Mar/2004:22:52:08 +0000] Started "/usr/local/libexec/cups/cgi-bin/printers.cgi" (pid=17608)
E [25/Mar/2004:22:52:08 +0000] [CGI] CUPS-Get-Printers request failed - server-error-internal-error (500)

If I replace the Listen line with a
Port 631
line then everything works sweetly again.


michaelrsweet commented Mar 26, 2004 User: mike

You must listen for connections on the local loopback interface. You can use two listen lines:

Listen ipaddress:631

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