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@michaelrsweet michaelrsweet released this 22 Mar 20:07
· 871 commits to master since this release

CUPS 2.2.11 is a bug fix release that addresses issues in the scheduler,
IPP Everywhere support, CUPS library, and USB printer support. Changes include:

  • Running ppdmerge with the same input and output filenames did not work as
    advertised (Issue #5455)
  • Fixed a potential memory leak when reading at the end of a file (Issue #5473)
  • Fixed potential unaligned accesses in the string pool (Issue #5474)
  • Fixed a potential memory leak when loading a PPD file (Issue #5475)
  • Added a USB quirks rule for the Lexmark E120n (Issue #5478)
  • Updated the USB quirks rule for Zebra label printers (Issue #5395)
  • Fixed a compile error on Linux (Issue #5483)
  • The lpadmin command, web interface, and scheduler all queried an IPP
    Everywhere printer differently, resulting in different PPDs for the same
    printer (Issue #5484)
  • Fixed an issue with the self-signed certificates generated by GNU TLS
    (Issue #5506)
  • The ippValidateAttribute function did not catch all instances of invalid
    UTF-8 strings (Issue #5509)
  • Non-Kerberized printing to Windows via IPP was broken (Issue #5515)
  • The scheduler no longer stops a printer if an error occurs when a job is
    canceled or aborted (Issue #5517)
  • Added a USB quirks rule for the DYMO 450 Turbo (Issue #5521)
  • Added a USB quirks rule for Xerox printers (Issue #5523)
  • The scheduler's self-signed certificate did not include all of the alternate
    names for the server when using GNU TLS (Issue #5525)
  • Fixed compiler warnings with newer versions of GCC (Issue #5532, Issue #5533)
  • Fixed some PPD caching and IPP Everywhere PPD accounting/password bugs
    (Issue #5535)
  • Fixed PreserveJobHistory bug with time values (Issue #5538)
  • Media size matching now uses a tolerance of 0.5mm (rdar://33822024)
  • The lpadmin command would hang with a bad PPD file (rdar://41495016)
  • Fixed a potential crash bug in cups-driverd (rdar://46625579)
  • Fixed a performance regression with large PPDs (rdar://47040759)
  • The scheduler did not always idle exit as quickly as it could.