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@michaelrsweet michaelrsweet released this 27 Mar 16:04
· 871 commits to master since this release

CUPS 2.2.7 is a general bug fix release. Changes include:

  • NOTICE: Raw print queues are now deprecated (Issue #5269)
  • Fixed an Avahi crash bug in the scheduler (Issue #5268)
  • The IPP Everywhere PPD generator did not include the cupsJobPassword
    keyword, when supported (Issue #5265)
  • Systemd did not restart cupsd when configuration changes were made that
    required a restart (Issue #5263)
  • The Lexmark Optra E310 printer needs the "no-reattach" USB quirk rule
    (Issue #5259)
  • The scheduler could crash while adding an IPP Everywhere printer (Issue #5258)
  • Label printers supported by the rastertolabel driver don't support SNMP, so
    don't delay printing to test it (Issue #5256)
  • Fixed a compile issue when PAM is not available (Issue #5253)
  • Documentation fixes (Issue #5252)
  • Star Micronics printers need the "unidir" USB quirk rule (Issue #5251)
  • The scheduler now supports using temporary print queues for older IPP/1.1
    print queues like those shared by CUPS 1.3 and earlier (Issue #5241)
  • Fixed printing to some IPP Everywhere printers (Issue #5238)
  • Kerberized printing to another CUPS server did not work correctly
    (Issue #5233)
  • The cupsRasterWritePixels function did not correctly swap bytes for some
    formats (Issue #5225)
  • Added a USB quirk rule for Canon MP280 series printers (Issue #5221)
  • The ppdInstallableConflict tested too many constraints (Issue #5213)
  • More fixes for printing to old CUPS servers (Issue #5211)
  • The cupsCopyDest function now correctly copies the is_default value
    (Issue #5208)
  • The scheduler did not work with older versions of uClibc (Issue #5188)
  • The scheduler now substitutes default values for invalid job attributes when
    running in "relaxed conformance" mode (Issue #5186)
  • Fixed PAM module detection and added support for the common PAM definitions
    (Issue #5185)
  • Fixed a journald support bug in the scheduler (Issue #5181)
  • The cups-driverd program incorrectly stopped scanning PPDs as soon as a loop
    was seen (Issue #5170)
  • Fixed group validation on OpenBSD (Issue #5166)
  • Fixed the ippserver sample code when threading is disabled or unavailable
    (Issue #5154)
  • The cupsEnumDests function did not include options from the lpoptions files
    (Issue #5144)
  • The SSLOptions directive now supports MinTLS and MaxTLS options to
    control the minimum and maximum TLS versions that will be allowed,
    respectively (Issue #5119)
  • The scheduler did not write out dirty configuration and state files if there
    were open client connections (Issue #5118)
  • The lpadmin command now provides a better error message when an unsupported
    System V interface script is used (Issue #5111)
  • The lp and lpr commands now provide better error messages when the default
    printer cannot be found (Issue #5096)
  • No longer support backslash, question mark, or quotes in printer names
    (Issue #4966)
  • The CUPS library now supports the latest HTTP Digest authentication
    specification including support for SHA-256 (Issue #4862)
  • The lpstat command now reports when new jobs are being held (Issue #4761)
  • The lpoptions command incorrectly saved default options (Issue #4717)
  • The ppdLocalizeIPPReason function incorrectly returned a localized version
    of "none" (rdar://36566269)
  • TLS connections now properly timeout (rdar://34938533)
  • The IPP backend did not properly detect failed PDF prints (rdar://34055474)
  • Temporary files are now placed in the correct directory for sandboxed
    applications on macOS (rdar://problem/37789645)