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@michaelrsweet michaelrsweet released this 08 Nov 13:55
· 871 commits to master since this release

CUPS 2.2.9 is a bug fix release that addresses issues in the scheduler,
IPP Everywhere support, CUPS library, and USB printer support. Changes include:

  • Localization changes (Issue #5348, Issue #5362, Issue #5408)
  • Documentation updates (Issue #5369)
  • The lpadmin command would create a non-working printer in some error cases
    (Issue #5305)
  • The scheduler would crash if an empty AccessLog directive was specified
    (Issue #5309)
  • Fixed a regression in the changes to ippValidateAttribute (Issue #5322,
    Issue #5330)
  • Fixed a crash bug in the Epson dot matrix driver (Issue #5323)
  • Automatic debug logging of job errors did not work with systemd (Issue #5337)
  • The web interface did not list the IPP Everywhere "driver" (Issue #5338)
  • The IPP Everywhere "driver" now properly supports face-up printers
    (Issue #5345)
  • Fixed some typos in the label printer drivers (Issue #5350)
  • Multi-file jobs could get stuck if the backend failed (Issue #5359,
    Issue #5413)
  • The IPP Everywhere "driver" no longer does local filtering when printing to
    a shared CUPS printer (Issue #5361)
  • The lpadmin command now correctly reports IPP errors when configuring an
    IPP Everywhere printer (Issue #5370)
  • Fixed some memory leaks discovered by Coverity (Issue #5375)
  • The PPD compiler incorrectly terminated JCL options (Issue #5379)
  • The cupstestppd utility did not generate errors for missing/mismatched
    CloseUI/JCLCloseUI keywords (Issue #5381)
  • The scheduler now reports the actual location of the log file (Issue #5398)
  • Added a USB quirk rule (Issue #5420)
  • The scheduler was being backgrounded on macOS, causing applications to spin
  • The scheduler did not validate that required initial request attributes were
    in the operation group (rdar://41098178)
  • Authentication in the web interface did not work on macOS (rdar://41444473)
  • Fixed an issue with HTTP Digest authentication (rdar://41709086)
  • The scheduler could crash when job history was purged (rdar://42198057)
  • Dropped non-working RSS subscriptions UI from web interface templates.
  • Fixed a memory leak for some IPP (extension) syntaxes.