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Implementation Status

This document lays out the structure of the Foundation project, and provides the current implementation status of each major feature.

Foundation is divided into groups of related functionality. These groups are currently laid out in the Xcode project, even though they are in a flat structure on disk.

As Foundation is a work in progress, not all methods and functionality are present. When implementations are completed, this list should be updated to reflect the current state of the library.

Table Key

Implementation Status
  • N/A: This entity is internal or private and implemented ad hoc; there are no guidelines in place to suggest what completion might look like
  • Unimplemented: This entity exists, but all functions and methods are NSUnimplemented()
  • Incomplete: Implementation of this entity has begun, but critical sections have been left NSUnimplemented()
  • Mostly Complete: All critical sections of this entity have been implemented, but some methods might remain NSUnimplemented()
  • Complete: No methods are left NSUnimplemented() (though this is not a guarantee that work is complete -- there may be methods that need overriding or extra work)
Test Coverage
  • N/A: This entity is internal and public tests are inappropriate, or it is an entity for which testing does not make sense
  • None: There are no unit tests specific to this entity; even if it is used indirectly in other unit tests, we should have tests targeting this entity in isolation
  • Incomplete: Unit tests exist for this entity, but there are critical paths that are not being tested
  • Substantial: Most, if not all, of this entity's critical paths are being tested

There is no Complete status for test coverage because there are always additional tests to be implemented. Even entities with Substantial coverage are missing tests (e.g. NSCoding conformance, NSCopying conformance, descriptions, etc.)


  • Runtime: The basis for interoperability. The classes and methods in this group provide an interface for interoperability between C code and Swift. They also provide common layers used throughout the framework such as the root class NSObject.

    Entity Name Status Test Coverage Notes
    NSEnumerator Complete None
    NSGetSizeAndAlignment Complete None
    NSStringFromClass Mostly Complete None Only top-level Swift classes are supported
    NSClassFromString Mostly Complete None Only top-level Swift classes are supported; mangled names are not supported
    NSObject Complete None
    NSSwiftRuntime N/A N/A For internal use only
    Boxing N/A N/A For internal use only
  • URL: Networking primitives

    The classes in this group provide functionality for manipulating URLs and paths via a common model object. The group also has classes for creating and receiving network connections.

    Entity Name Status Test Coverage Notes
    URLAuthenticationChallenge Unimplemented None
    URLCache Unimplemented None
    URLCredential Complete Incomplete
    URLCredentialStorage Unimplemented None
    NSURLError* Complete N/A
    URLProtectionSpace Unimplemented None
    URLProtocol Unimplemented None
    URLProtocolClient Unimplemented None
    NSURLRequest Complete Incomplete
    NSMutableURLRequest Complete Incomplete
    URLResponse Complete Incomplete
    NSHTTPURLResponse Complete Substantial
    NSURL Mostly Complete Substantial Resource values remain unimplemented
    NSURLQueryItem Complete N/A
    URLResourceKey Complete N/A
    URLFileResourceType Complete N/A
    URL Complete Incomplete
    URLResourceValues Complete N/A
    URLComponents Complete Incomplete
    URLRequest Complete None
    HTTPCookie Complete Incomplete
    HTTPCookiePropertyKey Complete N/A
    HTTPCookieStorage Mostly Complete Substantial
    Host Complete None
    Configuration N/A N/A For internal use only
    EasyHandle N/A N/A For internal use only
    HTTPBodySource N/A N/A For internal use only
    HTTPMessage N/A N/A For internal use only
    libcurlHelpers N/A N/A For internal use only
    MultiHandle N/A N/A For internal use only
    URLSession Mostly Complete Incomplete shared, invalidation, resetting, flushing, getting tasks, and others remain unimplemented
    URLSessionConfiguration Mostly Complete Incomplete ephemeral and background(withIdentifier:) remain unimplemented
    URLSessionDelegate Complete N/A
    URLSessionTask Mostly Complete Incomplete cancel(), createTransferState(url:) with streams, and others remain unimplemented
    URLSessionDataTask Complete Incomplete
    URLSessionUploadTask Complete None
    URLSessionDownloadTask Incomplete Incomplete
    URLSessionStreamTask Unimplemented None
    TaskRegistry N/A N/A For internal use only
    TransferState N/A N/A For internal use only
  • Formatters: Locale and language-correct formatted values.

    This group contains the is the base NSFormatter class and its subclasses. These formatters can be used for dates, numbers, sizes, energy, and many other types.

    Entity Name Status Test Coverage Notes
    DateComponentFormatter Unimplemented None
    DateIntervalFormatter Unimplemented None
    EnergyFormatter Unimplemented None
    ISO8601DateFormatter Unimplemented None
    LengthFormatter Complete Substantial
    MassFormatter Complete Substantial Needs localization
    NumberFormatter Mostly Complete Substantial objectValue(_:range:) remains unimplemented
    PersonNameComponentsFormatter Unimplemented None
    ByteCountFormatter Mostly Complete Substantial init?(coder:) remains unimplemented
    DateFormatter Mostly Complete Incomplete objectValue(_:range:) remain unimplemented
    Formatter Complete N/A
    MeasurementFormatter Unimplemented None
  • Predicates: Base functionality for building queries.

    This is the base class and subclasses for NSPredicate and NSExpression.

    Entity Name Status Test Coverage Notes
    NSExpression Unimplemented N/A
    NSComparisonPredicate Unimplemented N/A
    NSCompoundPredicate Complete Substantial
    NSPredicate Incomplete Incomplete Only boolean and block evaluations are implemented; all else remains unimplemented
  • Serialization: Serialization and deserialization functionality.

    The classes in this group perform tasks like parsing and writing JSON, property lists and binary archives.

    Entity Name Status Test Coverage Notes
    NSJSONSerialization Mostly Complete Substantial jsonObject(with:options:) with streams remains unimplemented
    NSKeyedArchiver Complete Substantial
    NSKeyedCoderOldStyleArray N/A N/A For internal use only
    NSKeyedUnarchiver Mostly Complete Substantial decodingFailurePolicy.set remains unimplemented
    NSKeyedArchiverHelpers N/A N/A For internal use only
    NSCoder Incomplete N/A Decoding methods which require a concrete implementation remain unimplemented
    PropertyListSerialization Complete Incomplete
  • XML: A group of classes for parsing and representing XML documents and elements.

    The classes provided in this group are responsible for parsing and validating XML. They should be an interface for representing libxml2 in a more object-oriented manner.

    Entity Name Status Test Coverage Notes
    XMLDocument Mostly Complete Substantial init(), replacementClass(for:), and object(byApplyingXSLT...) remain unimplemented
    XMLDTD Mostly Complete Substantial init() remains unimplemented
    XMLDTDNode Complete Incomplete
    XMLElement Incomplete Incomplete init(xmlString:), elements(forLocalName:uri:), attribute(forLocalName:uri:), namespace support, and others remain unimplemented
    XMLNode Incomplete Incomplete localName(forName:), prefix(forName:), predefinedNamespace(forPrefix:), and others remain unimplemented
    XMLParser Complete Incomplete
  • Collections: A group of classes to contain objects.

    The classes provided in this group provide basic collections. The primary role for these classes is to provide an interface layer between the CoreFoundation implementations and the standard library implementations. Additionally, they have useful extras like serialization support. There are also additional collection types that the standard library does not support.

    Note: See Known Issues for more information about bridging between Foundation collection types and Swift standard library collection types.

    Entity Name Status Test Coverage Notes
    NSOrderedSet Mostly Complete Substantial NS[Mutable]Copying, and array & set (and associated indexing methods) remain unimplemented
    NSMutableOrderedSet Mostly Complete Substantial NSCoding and sortRange(_:options:, usingComparator:) with non-empty options remain unimplemented
    NSCFArray N/A N/A For internal use only
    NSIndexSet Mostly Complete Incomplete NSCoding remains to be implemented
    NSMutableIndexSet Mostly Complete Incomplete NSCoding remains to be implemented
    IndexSet Complete Incomplete
    NSIndexPath Mostly Complete None NSCoding, NSCopying, getIndexes(_:) remain unimplemented
    IndexPath Complete Incomplete
    NSArray Mostly Complete Substantial Reading/writing to files/URLs, concurrent enumerateObjects(at:options:using:), and sortedArray(from:options:usingComparator:) with options remain unimplemented
    NSMutableArray Mostly Complete Substantial exchangeObject(at:withObjectAt:) and replaceObjects(in:withObjectsFromArray:) remain unimplemented for types other than NSMutableArray
    NSDictionary Mostly Complete Incomplete NSCoding with non-keyed-coding archivers, descriptionInStringsFileFormat, sharedKeySet(forKeys:), and reading/writing to files/URLs remain unimplemented
    NSMutableDictionary Mostly Complete Incomplete descriptionInStringsFileFormat, sharedKeySet(forKeys:), and reading/writing to files/URLs remain unimplemented
    NSCFDictionary N/A N/A For internal use only
    NSSet Mostly Complete Incomplete description(withLocale:) and customMirror remain unimplemented
    NSMutableSet Mostly Complete Incomplete init?(coder:) remains unimplemented
    NSCountedSet Mostly Complete Incomplete init?(coder:) remains unimplemented
    NSCFSet N/A N/A For internal use only
    NSCache Complete Incomplete
    NSSortDescriptor Unimplemented None
  • RunLoop: Timers, streams and run loops.

    The classes in this group provide support for scheduling work and acting upon input from external sources.

    Entity Name Status Test Coverage Notes
    Port Unimplemented None
    MessagePort Unimplemented None
    SocketPort Unimplemented None
    PortMessage Unimplemented None
    RunLoop Mostly Complete Incomplete add(_: Port, forMode:) and remove(_: Port, forMode:) remain unimplemented
    NSStream Mostly Complete Substantial
    Stream Unimplemented Substantial Methods which require a concrete implementation remain unimplemented
    InputStream Mostly Complete Substantial getBuffer(_:length:) remains unimplemented
    NSOutputStream Complete Substantial
    Timer Complete Substantial
  • String: A set of classes for scanning, manipulating and storing string values.

    The NSString implementation is present to provide an interface layer between CoreFoundation and Swift, but it also adds additional functionality on top of the Swift standard library String type. Other classes in this group provide mechanisms to scan, match regular expressions, store attributes in run arrays attached to strings, and represent sets of characters.

    Note: See Known Issues for more information about bridging between the Foundation NSString types and Swift standard library String type.

    Entity Name Status Test Coverage Notes
    NSRegularExpression Complete Substantial
    Scanner Mostly Complete Incomplete localizedScannerWithString(_:) remains unimplemented
    NSTextCheckingResult Mostly Complete Incomplete NSCoding, NSCopying, resultType, and range(at:) remain unimplemented
    NSAttributedString Mostly Complete Incomplete NSCoding remains unimplemented
    NSMutableAttributedString Mostly Complete Incomplete NSCoding remains unimplemented
    NSCharacterSet Mostly Complete Incomplete NSCoding remains unimplemented
    NSMutableCharacterSet Mostly Complete None Decoding remains unimplemented
    NSCFCharacterSet N/A N/A For internal use only
    CharacterSet Complete Incomplete
    NSString Mostly Complete Substantial enumerateSubstrings(in:options:using:) remains unimplemented
    NSStringEncodings Complete N/A Contains definitions of string encodings
    NSCFString N/A N/A For internal use only
    NSStringAPI N/A N/A Exposes NSString APIs on String
    ExtraStringAPIs Complete N/A Random access for String.UTF16View, only when Foundation is imported; decouples the Swift core from a UTF16 representation.
  • Number: A set of classes and methods for representing numeric values and structures.

    Entity Name Status Test Coverage Notes
    NSRange Complete Incomplete
    Decimal Complete Substantial
    NSDecimalNumber Mostly Complete Substantial
    NSDecimalNumberHandler Complete None
    CGPoint Complete Substantial
    CGSize Complete Substantial
    CGRect Complete Substantial
    NSEdgeInsets Complete Substantial
    NSGeometry Mostly Complete Substantial NSIntegralRectWithOptions .AlignRectFlipped support remains unimplemented
    CGFloat Complete Substantial
    AffineTransform Complete None
    NSAffineTransform Complete Substantial
    NSNumber Complete Incomplete
    NSConcreteValue N/A N/A For internal use only
    NSSpecialValue N/A N/A For internal use only
    NSValue Complete Substantial
    NSMeasurement Unimplemented None
    Measurement Complete None
    UnitConverter Complete Incomplete
    UnitConverterLinear Complete Incomplete
    Unit Complete None
    Dimension Complete None
    UnitAcceleration Complete None
    UnitAngle Complete None
    UnitArea Complete None
    UnitConcentrationMass Complete None
    UnitDispersion Complete None
    UnitDuration Complete None
    UnitElectricCharge Complete None
    UnitElectricCurrent Complete None
    UnitElectricPotentialDifference Complete None
    UnitElectricResistance Complete None
    UnitEnergy Complete None
    UnitFrequency Complete None
    UnitFuelEfficiency Complete None
    UnitLength Complete None
    UnitIlluminance Complete None
    UnitMass Complete None
    UnitPower Complete None
    UnitPressure Complete None
    UnitSpeed Complete None
    UnitTemperature Complete None
    UnitVolume Complete None
  • UserDefaults: A mechanism for storing values to persist as user settings and local.

    Entity Name Statues Test Coverage Notes
    UserDefaults Incomplete Incomplete domain support, and forced objects remain unimplemented.
    NSLocale Complete Incomplete Only unit test asserts locale key constant names
    Locale Complete Incomplete Only unit test asserts value copying
  • OS: Mechanisms for interacting with the operating system on a file system level as well as process and thread level

    Entity Name Status Test Coverage Notes
    FileHandle Mostly Complete Incomplete NSCoding, and background operations remain unimplemented
    Pipe Complete Incomplete
    FileManager Incomplete Incomplete URL searches, relationship lookups, item copying, cross-device moving, recursive linking, and others remain unimplemented
    Process Mostly Complete Substantial interrupt(), terminate(), suspend(), and resume() remain unimplemented
    Bundle Mostly Complete Incomplete allBundles, init(for:), unload(), classNamed(), and principalClass remain unimplemented
    ProcessInfo Complete Substantial
    Thread Complete Incomplete
    Operation Complete Incomplete
    BlockOperation Complete Incomplete
    OperationQueue Complete Incomplete
    Lock Complete Incomplete
    ConditionLock Complete None
    RecursiveLock Complete None
    Condition Complete Incomplete
  • DateTime: Classes for representing dates, timezones, and calendars.

    Entity Name Status Test Coverage Notes
    NSCalendar Complete None autoupdatingCurrent, and enumerateDates remain unimplemented
    NSDateComponents Complete None
    Calendar Complete Incomplete
    DateComponents Complete Incomplete
    NSDate Complete Incomplete
    NSDateInterval Complete None
    DateInterval Complete None
    Date Complete Incomplete
    NSTimeZone Mostly Complete Incomplete local, timeZoneDataVersion and setting abbreviationDictionary remain unimplemented
    TimeZone Complete Incomplete
  • Notifications: Classes for loosely coupling events from a set of many observers.

    Entity Name Status Test Coverage Notes
    NSNotification Complete N/A
    NotificationCenter Complete Substantial
    Notification Complete N/A
    NotificationQueue Complete Substantial
  • Model: Representations for abstract model elements like null, data, and errors.

    Entity Name Status Test Coverage Notes
    NSNull Complete Substantial
    NSData Complete Substantial
    NSMutableData Complete Substantial
    Data Complete Substantial
    NSProgress Complete Substantial
    NSError Complete None
    NSUUID Complete Substantial
    UUID Complete None
    NSPersonNameComponents Complete Incomplete
    PersonNameComponents Complete None