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Conform Never to Equatable and Hashable


Extend Never so it conforms to Equatable and Hashable.

Swift-evolution thread: Conform Never to Equatable and Hashable


Never is very useful for representing impossible code. Most people are familiar with it as the return type of functions like fatalError, but Never is also useful when working with generic classes.

For example, a Result type might use Never for its Value to represent something that always errors or use Never for its Error to represent something that never errors.

Conditional conformances to Equatable and Hashable are also very useful when working with enums so you can test easily or work with collections.

But those don’t play well together. Without conformance to Equatable and Hashable, Never disqualifies your generic type from being Equatable and Hashable.

Proposed solution

The standard library should add Equatable and Hashable implementations for Never:

extension Never: Equatable {
  public static func == (lhs: Never, rhs: Never) -> Bool {
    switch (lhs, rhs) {

extension Never: Hashable {
  public func hash(into hasher: inout Hasher) {

Detailed design

The question that most often comes up is how Never should implement Equatable. How do you compare to Never values?

But there are no Never values; it’s an uninhabitable type. Thankfully Swift makes this easy. By switching over the left- and right-hand sides, Swift correctly notices that there are no missing cases. Since there are no missing cases and every case returns a Bool, the function compiles.

The new Hashable design makes its implementation even easier: the function does nothing.

Source compatibility

Existing applications may have their own versions of these conformances. In this case, Swift will give a redundant conformance error.

Effect on ABI stability


Effect on API resilience


Alternatives considered

Make Never conform to all protocols

As a bottom type, Never could conceivably conform to every protocol automatically. This would have some advantages and might be ideal, but would require a lot more work to determine the design and implement the behavior.

Don’t include this functionality in the standard library

This creates a significant headache—particularly for library authors. Since redundant conformance would be an error, the community would need to settle on a de facto library to add this conformance.

Require generic types to add conditional conformances with Never

An example Result type could manually add Equatable and Hashable implementations for Nevers:

extension Result: Equatable where Value == Never, Error: Equatable {

extension Result: Equatable where Value: Hashable, Error == Never {

extension Result: Equatable where Value == Never, Error == Never {

Adding so many extra conditional conformances is an unreasonable amount of work.

Amendment from Core Team

As part of the review decision from the Core Team when accepting this proposal, in addition to Equatable and Hashable conformances being added to Never this proposal now also includes adding conformances to the Comparable and Error protocols as well.